18 More #ChristianProbz

    Because we love to laugh at our ridiculous nature. To be honest, we’re truly blessed. It’s just too darn fun writing these.

    1. When you’re listening to worship & wanna break down crying because of how wonderful God is, but you’re in a public place… #Christianprobz

    2. Feeling massive guilt that you haven’t been keeping up with your Youversion Bible plan… #ChristianProbz

    3. When you start going on a fast and suddenly EVERYONE starts offering baked goods to you… #ChristianProbz

    4. When you’re obsessed with Lecrae, but all your school friends are in to Drake… #ChristianProbz

    5. The after church “community time” when you get roped into a conversation with Nancy “talks too much”… #ChristianProbz

    6. When you’re praying at a restaurant and the server interrupts… #ChristianProbz

    7. Popcorn praying… #ChrisitanProbz

    8. Having to use a pen when you normally use highlighter in your Bible… #ChristianProbz

    9. The anxiety of when the communion trays come down your pew and you’re kinda freaking you don’t spill… #ChristianProbz

    10. Trying to drive while listening to worship music… #ChristianProbz

    11. Group prayer texts. I know I know… but in all honesty group texts in general… #ChristianProbz

    12. When someone brings fried chicken to the church potluck, but you’re last in line… #ChristianProbz

    13. Not sure where to hold your hands at this point in the worship service… #ChristianProbz

    14. Helping with the power point during the worship service and not keeping up with the worship team… #ChristianProbz

    15. That 2 minutes to greet the people around you business and everyone is talking to someone else… #ChristianProbz

    16. When you’re youth group consists of you, yourself and I… #ChristianProbz

    17. That guilt of passing the tithe by without putting something in… #ChristianProbz

    18. When you’re super tired and you’re absolutely, positively trying to stay awake in the service… #ChristianProbz




    Dave Herrmann
    My name is Dave, you may see me writing funny articles on PI or managing the social media accounts. My life is putting Christ first and everything else second. Life is beautiful when we smile and choose a positive attitude. God is good!


    1. These are all fine and cute but I think we need to remember that Christians around the world are facing far more bigger problems.
      1. Running from foreign govt. because you are spreading the gospel.
      2. Sacrificing your entire life and the life of your family to serve God.
      3. Starving everyday because you surrender your only food to the helpless people around you.
      4. Being murdered for your faith.

      I’m not against cute little blogs about the trivial problems us privileged girls go through but I hope we don’t lose sight of the real problems Christians face everyday.

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