18 Thoughts When You Meet a New PERFECT Christian Guy

    At some point in our lives, we’ve all sunk into deep, dark despair over (what feels like) the lack of quality Christian guys who are also within driving distance.

    Then it happens…a new guy joins your third-period geometry class, study group or extracurricular activity and his face is perfect. And his hair shines. And he’s a full-fledged follower of Jesus!

    Needless to say, it’s a real hallelujah moment, and we think it deserves some recognition.

    So, without further adieu—here are 18 different thoughts and emotions that pass through your brain (in 60 seconds or less) when you meet a Christian guy who’s pretty much 100 percent daydream-worthy. Enjoy!


    1. Utter shock.


    2. Followed by an almost animal-like instinct to pounce, because all the other girls in the room are doing this:


    And this…


    But your ex is doing this (the cherry on top):


    3. And that’s when you start to doubt, assuming that he probably dates girls who are more like this:


    4. But then he talks about how he volunteers, and hope is restored.


    5. And he keeps on talking about how he volunteers…


    6. So now you’re already planning on introducing him to your pastor, and you’re pretty sure his blessing will look something like this:


    7. And while you’re at it, why not plan the wedding, too? (Nobody needs to know that.)


    8. But your hair game isn’t on point today, and what if he tries to talk to you, like, now…? Sheer panic.


    9. “Stay cool. Stay. Cool.”


    10. Even if you want to do this:


    11. And inside you’re doing this:


    12. But not too cool, because nobody wants to be #ForeverAlone.


    13. Oh, he’s talking again. And it sounds like everything good in this world.

    Like a bucket full of puppies.


    14. “Did I remember to turn my curling iron off this morning? I’m kind of hungry…”


    15. Wait—WHERE DID HE GO?!


    16. You must find him again.


    17. And you will. 








    1. Lololololol God’s mercy . . . This is so true. Like I do all of those. Like I do them every Sunday & Wednesday lol. Every time when I see {sigh} him <3 . Especially the running from him one. We only need to take off the ex & it'll be like this was written for me. My goodness, who did this?! Standing ovation for you! For real. You know Christian girls at the perfection point. Oh… This was so awesome

    2. lol #18 is legit. To put things in perspective though, will a guy like that be looking for a girl like you? We need to prepare ourselves to be women who can walk with men like this in pursuit of God.

    3. I have one of those perfect guys at my youth group…But only HALF of the girls think he’s perfect. Myself definitely included! He doesn’t date, though, which is what happens every time I meet a perfect guy! Lol. But this is all true of the first time I legitimately met him. I’d seen him a few times at functions with other churches in town but I was so out of my comfort zone as a shy girl that I didn’t even really notice his perfection

    4. don’t be deievced by their looks, they re handsome from a distance my best friend & bother in Christ now 20, its hard to believe he & I re met five years ago, trust me I went through the same thing, or simaler, I wasn’t looking to date, him, I was only just 14/1/2/ years old he just turned fifteen at the time Homeschooled high School freshman eighth grade my admics were behind a eight grade level., shamefully, not sure if he was Christian back than, I remember hearing at a protject god was working on his heart!< this was five years num, 12 was funny.,

      months later 2010 he was saved! that point I was saved for three years at the time!,. yes I was the only girl he caught his eyes, yes he turned his head around towards the other guys leave Jessica alone, this was out in public doing a project, outside of the homeschool group building., my hands shaking in a uncomforatable way,. yes I miss him a lot hope to see him soon Apr,. this year,. watch h.w. they talk, obser their lifestyle, & h.w. act towards others and treat their friends & family, is God the center of their life re they re devoted to Christ! ^ a follower of him! if they fall away from Christ come back to him! sometimes they can fall away for a year like David, prey for them, they re under peer pressuer at times even in homeschool activities,. there re some guys that re Christans in wolve's clothing be carefull girls.,, I made that mistake thinking one of the guys I went to gym with for a short time, thought he was a Christian he was one in wovel's clothing I still prey for his savultion,. embrace Christ he is catholic., please don't make the same mistake as I did six years ago.,

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