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20 Fun Free or Low-Cost Activities to Do This Summer

PI Girls, since summertime is in full swing, I want to share with you 20 summer ideas that are budget-friendly for you to do alone or with family or friends!

1. Go to a local fair: Ride the Ferris wheel, play some games, have an ice cream cone or cotton candy with a group of friends.

2. Walk on the pier and take pictures: Go with that special someone to the pier and take photos, or just go with a friend and watch the surfers!

3. Go boardwalk window-shopping by the beach: You don’t need to spend money all the time to have fun! You can browse around and get exercise by just looking at the different shops.

4. Make lemonade from scratch: If you feel up to it, make a lemonade stand and sell some lemonade and cookies or freshly baked goods. You can raise money for someone in need or for your local church.

5. Learn how to surf: Take some risks. Get out in the water this summer before the heat wave is over, and if you’re not by a beach, you can wakeboard or go to your closest lake and learn a water sport!

6. Go to the drive-in theater: The old theaters back in the 1950s were so special and fun! Look online to see if there are any drive-in theaters near you, or make your own homemade theater in your backyard under the stars.

7. Volunteer/work at a beach, kids’ or youth camp: If you want to help others, work at a kids’ camp and be a leader where you can make a difference in someone else’s life who is younger than you! It’s always good to have a mentor as well as be a mentor to those around you, even if just one or two people.

8. Learn to dance: Take a class and challenge yourself mentally and physically. Enjoy life and spice it up with salsa classes, swing dancing, ballet, tap, jazz or hip-hop!

9. Paint: Get a canvas and make a beautiful painting in a serene and quiet setting. This can be therapeutic, as well as a nice memory of something you made. You can also bless someone close to you with the unique artwork you made.

10. Fulfill your passions: We all have different desires and dreams. What is yours? Write down a list of things you want to accomplish the rest of this year and start working on it right away! You can do it. I believe in you!

11. Join the choir or band at church: Sure, it might seem scary at first, but seriously, it’s something that’s worth trying if you have a love for music. If you are a worshipper at heart and are gifted in singing, share your talent with the church or your youth group.

12. Make homemade ice cream or a frappĂ©: Cold, icy, creamy…mmm…makes me want some. If you want to be ambitious, make your own homemade ice cream from scratch! Or, for you coffee lovers like me, make a homemade frappĂ©: Use coffee, ice and some chocolate syrup for the outlining of your cup.

13. Swim in a lake or pool: Float, swim, relax and enjoy…the Lord leads us beside the still waters and restores our souls (Psalm 23).

14. Go to an art gallery: Find an art exhibit and enjoy an educational experience for summer.

15. Go camping: If you don’t want to spend money on campgrounds, you can camp out in your backyard or a friend’s backyard or locally in your hometown. Just make sure it’s safe and, if you are under 18, that you have permission, of course!

16. Visit museums: Educate yourself while you’re on summer break and go to different exhibits. There are many free museums if you are on a budget; just go to the local websites in the town you live in.

17. Make a healthy, refreshing drink: For a fresh flavor, cut up fresh fruit and put it in water. You can put mint, lemon, watermelon and ice in a water bottle for refreshing hydration.

18. Swing in a hammock: Relax with your Bible or devotion and rest in a hammock by the beach or in your backyard.

19. Have a girls’ day: Do nails and facials from home and treat your friends to a special time with a spa day.

20. Run a marathon: If you’re athletic, you may want to partake in the goal of running a local marathon. Ready, set, go!

PI Girls, do you have any special or fun ideas on how to really relax, enjoy and make the most of the summer season? Comment below and tell me what you’re planning on doing that’s not already on this list. Happy summer!

Image: Lightstock | Julie


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