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20 Tips for Studying and Reducing Stress

This month, I want to share a YouTube video by Natalies Outlet. It’s a DIY or “do it yourself” video for speed studying, reading and focusing. The video includes four parts that break down different school hacks. The categories are studying, procrastination, stress and motivation.

Click here to watch the full life-hack and student DIY video.

Here is the breakdown of the tips to make your student life easier.



1. Chew gum: Chewing gum while you read helps you to read faster. If you have a lot of books to read, just buy your favorite bubble gum and speed-read away!

2. Keep shoes on while studying: When you have your shoes on, you are less comfortable and more apt to focus. Kick off your heels when you have finished your tasks for the day.

3. Read your outline for the semester syllabus: Study the main material in the beginning and the end of the semester material and review your study sheets. These outlines highlight the most important material on the exams. (Note: This is generic, so I would recommend reviewing what your professor has instructed.)

4. Use color while studying and taking notes: Bright colors, highlighters, pens and markers help to keep your brain attentive and focused on specific notes. Certain colors can make the notes pop and be more fun to read and easier to remember later.

5. Buy headphones: If you are hearing outside noise that distracts you from focusing on your work, then invest in some ear buds or headphones.



6. Invest in a desk: Don’t work on a couch, bed or any other comfortable spot.

7. Create a space to focus: Prepare your snacks and water and have everything you need in your desk area.

8. Get a whiteboard: Use a whiteboard for extra ideas and for your to-do lists. You can get a smaller one for your dorm room and for your desk.

9. Put your phone away: Hide your phone, turn it off or maybe turn on your airplane mode.

10. Work in a bright room: In your room where you study, make sure you have good, bright lighting.



11. Make a schedule for your week: Write a list of to-dos to be successful and to remove anxiety. Make sure you write it out on paper and on a calendar.

12. Try Wunderlist: Use this app as a to-do list.

13. Start the good habits: For example, if you need to start eating healthier, just do it by juicing, eating more fruit and vegetables, and/or stop eating sugar or fatty foods. Start small.

14. Treat yourself: Do not be too hard on yourself. Make sure to give yourself a couple minutes of break time and to give yourself a reward.

15. Just do it: Start your task, then you will overcome whatever is resisting your progress.



16. Invest in nice pens and erasable markers: Buy some nice highlighters, markers and fun colored pencils for your studying and planner.

17. Ask yourself “If I get this task done, will I be satisfied and feel successful?”: We all have different things to tackle, such as studying or preparing for different jobs and presentations. We must be prepared and motivated to keep the focus. Can I get an amen?

18. Don’t overload yourself: Prioritize what you need to do in order of importance and according to the length of time it takes to do it.

19. Keep your desk clean and minimal: Only keep what inspires you or sparks joy near you in your workspace. It will be hard to focus if there is clutter around you.

20. Listen to good music: I enjoy jazz or classical instrumental music while studying. I tend to sing along if there are lyrics and I personally can get distracted since I’m a singer, so I recommend maybe some nice soothing music to help you finish your projects.


PI Girls, what is your favorite tip out of this list and YouTube video? Do you have any school study tips or hacks? Comment below!

Image: Lightstock | Prixel Creative


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