21 MORE #ChristianProblems

    1. Trying your hardest to write ‘him’ in a text, but constantly capitalizing the H out of habit…

    2. When you see a cute boy on Instagram, but there is no mention of God or faith in his bio.

    3. Having a different translation of the Bible then what is being preached about in church.

    4. The awkward feeling of learning a new worship song in church, but the only people singing it are the band.

    5. When you’re asked to pray for dinner and have literally nothing to say at that moment.

    6. When you’re praying out loud and can’t remember everyone’s prayer requests.

    7. When you’re listening to a secular song and your parents walk in right when there is the ONE curse word. “Mom, it’s NOT BAD!”

    8. When you’re watching your favorite movie and your parents walk in right when there is a romantic scene.

    9. When you date someone from youth group and the youth pastor learns about it.

    10. Trying to go to your favorite froyo place Wednesday evenings after youth group…. HELLO LINES!

    11. That fear that one day you’re going to trip when taking communion and making a fool of yourself.

    12. Trying to convince people that your mission trip to the Bahamas is for serving the Lord.

    13. Trying to take notes in church, but the pastor is not staying on point.

    14. Jesusween?? Bless them, but….


    15. When you get “that look” from an elder in church when you are talking to your friend a little “too” loud.

    16. When the worship leader says 1 more time… 12 times.

    17. When you’re experiencing a “moment” and it gets interrupted by someone.

    18. When you start eating with a group and suddenly someone starts praying.

    19. When you realize you’ve just highlighted an entire chapter of the Bible.

    20. When your church worship band writes a song you LOVE, but there is no where you can listen to it outside Sunday service.

    21. When that cute boy follows you on IG but won’t say hi to you at church.

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    1. Number 7 and 8 oh my gosh! You’ll be watching a TV show and right as they come in “I will destroy you! I want to have my curse back! All I care about is my happiness!” and they’re like WHAT

    2. #3 is SO annoying! Our family uses KJV and it’s always very hard to follow along when we go to a church and they are using a completely different version! Sometimes in youth group the leader would ask my brother to read a verse out loud, and he would read it in KJV, then the leader would kinda pause for a moment and be like, “OK, yet me reread that in THIS version” like no teens nowadays understand the original Old English translation. Which I find kind of sad. I can relate to #6 to, from youth group. And, it’s Sherlock!! <3

      • So I know you might not still be dating, but… youth pastors do this a lot fyi. I’ve heard 3 different segments on dating/relationships from youth pastors (actually two of them were from the same one but in college group instead of the high school group). It might not really necessarily be you guys, I wouldn’t take it that way, but it’s just a super relevant thing for them to preach on, you know? But #9 can be a good thing–accountability is really encouraged at my church, but I understand that can be awkward. I’ve never dated before so I can’t fully understand the level of it, but at the same time I would hope a relationship would be something you wouldn’t want need to hide from people, you know?

    3. #11 SO TRUE! Or when you’re walking back from Communion in prayer and realize your eyes are closed…then you almost trip, oops.
      Or you’re in a hurry to get back to the choir loft, and you accidentally run into a pew…story of my life!

    4. The worship portion of church is like going to a concert, so it’s too loud for people to tell who’s singing or not haha

      I’m really glad my church is too big for us to walk to get our communion, it’s passed down the rows, so I don’t have to worry about tripping. Thank goodness

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