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21 Unforgettable Ways to Make the Most of Your Last Month of School

With the final month of school approaching, be the girl who goes out with a bang! Good news: We can help with that!

Here are 21 unforgettable ideas to add to your last-month-of-school bucket list!


1. Write an encouraging letter to yourself to open this time next year.


2. Start taking photos with your friends of your favorite moments to collect for memory’s sake or to put in an album.


3. Or gather before-and-after photos from the beginning of the year to today and make them into a collage.


4. Write a thoughtful letter or email to the teachers, professors or mentors who have made a difference in your life over the past year. It will be a priceless gesture.

5. Don’t forget to start asking for recommendation letters for potential positions in the future.


6. Leave a thoughtful note in a library book for someone in the future.


7. Start planning for a quick summer vacation or road trip with your friends.


8. Pray with at least one person from one of your classes.


9. Get out, join more activities and make face-to-face time for your friends if you’ve been a social recluse these past few months. 

10. Plan for some outdoor fun with ultimate frisbee or a giant water balloon fight and a potluck picnic afterward.


11. Have a karaoke night of the top songs that highlighted your year.


12. Start a note jar with your friends where everyone writes something special about each other, place the notes in the jar and then share when you’re all together.


13. Go to an amusement park you haven’t been to in a while and let loose!


14. Make amends with someone you’ve been in conflict with and leave it in the past.


15. Redecorate your entire bedroom. (Runs to Pinterest.)


16. Write a new song or poem about the biggest lesson you’ve learned this year (or list five of your biggest lessons this year).


17. Create a 30-day routine goal, like fitness, a Bible reading plan, photo challenge, journaling prompts, starting that blog, etc!


18. Stand up for yourself and finally set healthy boundaries with the person who’s been abusing you or your relationship with toxic behavior.


19. Volunteer somewhere local for a good cause!


20. Get a completely new hairstyle, color or cut and shock the world.


21. Give yourself permission to be proud of yourself for how far you’ve come, to let the past be in the past, to love and accept yourself for who you are. You go, girl!


Do you have any end-of-the-year plans? Be sure to share in the comments below!


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