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21 Ways to Give Back This Christmas

As consumerism floods our screens this time of year, we know that giving is a greater blessing than receiving. If you’re looking for a few ways to live more selflessly this season and give back, start with these 21 acts of kindness!


  1. Volunteer at your local homeless shelter or soup kitchen.
  2. Contact a nearby hospital to see if there are ways you can serve patients and families.
  3. Find a senior home in your area and drop off meaningful cards for the holidays.
  4. Make a batch of Christmas cookies to deliver to your local police or firefighting station.
  5. Gather extra food to donate to a local food bank.
  6. Leave sticky notes with positive messages in public places!raok-8
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  7. Let the person in line behind you with fewer items go ahead.
  8. Partner with Angel Tree this year to meet the needs of children and families of those in prison.
  9. Leave a present in your mailbox for the mail carrier.
  10. Pay for the person’s meal or coffee in the drive-through behind you.
  11. Donate toys to the children’s department of the hospital.
  12. Send a card to a soldier overseas. Get more details on how to do it here!
  13. Shovel snow for a neighbor.
  14. Clean out your closet and donate warm coats to your local shelter.
  15. Collect all your loose change and drop it in the Salvation Army bucket.
  16. Give a warm drink to the person station at the Salvation Army bucket.
  17. Offer to babysit for a trusted family member, friend or neighbor.
  18. Create care packages to pass out to the homeless.
  19. Offer to help someone with their holiday shopping (and wrapping, if you want to go the extra mile)!
  20. Invite someone whom you think may be alone to share the holidays with you.
  21. Purchase some extra dog/cat food or pet toys and drop them off at your local animal shelter.


Are there any ideas you would like to try or add to this list? Sharing is caring! Be sure to comment below!

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  1. Project Inspired

    Posted by MegiMoose98 on December 17, 2016 at 22:40

    These are so wonderful! God has really been putting serving others on my heart recently, I feel so inspired! Thank you, PI has been such a blessing to me spiritually, and emotionally. Keep serving and Merry (early) Christmas!