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Catch Nicole in Catching Faith 2 now on DVD and streaming, buy your copy now!

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    23 Ways You Know You’ve Just Started College

    We know many of you have begun a new chapter in your lives: college! Laugh with us at these 23 totally true ways you know you’re a college freshman!

    1. It’s the first day of school and you already have a ton of homework. Is this real life?

    2. You haven’t totally understood the whole dorm thing yet, like no curfew now? What?!

    3. The cafeteria isn’t very homey…and you, um, kind of miss Mom’s cooking.

    4. The syllabus…it’s like causing you major anxiety and stress just seeing all you have to do.

    5. That feeling of regret you didn’t pick something easier for your major.

    6. Classes after 3 p.m.? Totes weird.


    7. You won’t admit it, but you’re kind of homesick.

    8. You’re wondering exactly how you’re going to survive these next four years.

    giphy (12)

    9. A guy has already asked you on a date…twice.

    10. You didn’t exactly understand this whole coffee thing until now.

    11. The shock at just how much money that textbook will cost you.

    12. You don’t understand football yet.

    13. You’ve learned the art of time management REAL quick.

    14. You’ve already discovered a new band that is quickly becoming your favorite thing.

    15. Sleeping…it’s overrated.

    16. You’re super early for all your classes.

    17. Day 1 outfit planned. Day 2…hello sweatpants!

    18. You’ve always heard about ramen, but didn’t truly understand its greatness until that first late night of reading in which the hunger pains struck.

    19. You’ve already become creative with Nutella.

    20. All-nighter watching your favorite show on Netflix—it’s already happened.

    21. You’re overwhelmed by all the people and for the first week refer to them like a Dr. Seuss book: “Hey thing 1 and thing 2!”

    22. You’ve called home more times than you can count.

    23. You’re freaking out about being a grown-up.

    Dave Herrmann
    My name is Dave, you may see me writing funny articles on PI or managing the social media accounts. My life is putting Christ first and everything else second. Life is beautiful when we smile and choose a positive attitude. God is good!


    1. Most of these never really end at the first year, although at the very least you get used to the idea of it 🙂

      Except for the homework load. Not even the idea of it is something to become accustomed to (it’s the first two weeks of class and I have more homework per night than I did by the end of last semester. Next semester I’ll try not to put four reading/writing intensive classes into one schedule).

    2. I just granted from high school a few weeks ago but I also graduated from college yesterday. I was a Running Start student my junior and senior years of high school. Some of these I can easily relate to with my college classes and some I’m definitely nervous (but excited!) for as I start at a University this fall.

    3. I’m a junior in college, and I STILL don’t understand football……… Why would I want to go to the stadium, sit on uncomfortable bleachers, buy overpriced food/drinks, and be surrounded by a bunch of noisy, drunk people when I could be at home on a nice couch eating a great meal and watching it at home. Sounds like a party to me.

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