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Me Without Makeup


I won’t lie, I do where makeup, however I don’t believe anyone ever really NEEDS makeup. I believe we are all made beautiful and if we keep our skin healthy by than the beauty God gave us will shine.  However I don’t think you can’t wear makeup for fun. I personally like to play with pastel pinks and purples and sparkles when I am feeling girly.  However without makeup I think I feel more confident because I don’t have to worry about smudges. The factors I like most about my face are my mole on my cheek, my smile and my eyes. I used to be insecure about all of those because of the connotation that comes with moles, the awkwardness of braces and the strange shape to my eyes. I overcame my insecurity about my mole when I noticed my big sister had the same one. I saw that she was beautiful even with and so I could be too. After the pain of braces I overcame my smile issues and choose to use my smile as my favorite accessory. Finally, I used to be so bothered by how circular my eyes were, my friends had beautiful “almond” eyes and I had “bug” eyes, but then, I was looking through my mom’s old pictures and noticed that I looked a lot like her and especially that I had her eyes. She always reminds me that we have “expressive eyes” that show emotion and I felt that round eyes could be just as pretty as “almond” eyes. I have full faith that I have been given this mindset through God’s planning and I thank him for how he has uniquely blessed each of us!

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Image: Courtesy of Kelsey


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  1. Project Inspired

    Posted by 114gigii on June 26, 2012 at 10:48

    Isn’t it amazing how we can be blessed to look like our family? But yet, God makes us so special and unique to be only US. 😀