27 Ways Being a Christian Is the Best. Thing. Ever.

    Being a Christian is awesome. HOW awesome, you ask? Well, read more below!

    1. You know that heaven is a place, it’s real and you’re going.


    2. You get to talk to God and be in a personal relationship with Him.

    3. You learn how to love people, and it pleases your heart!

    4. Starbucks Bible study groups.

    5. Church camp…it’s magical.

    6. That cute boy who is also a Christian understands you and you understand him. A match made in heaven (literally).

    7. Hillsong United, come on!

    8. Praying for others, then seeing those prayers come true. (God does that.)

    9. Sitting in your reading spot, coffee mug in hand, headphones tuned on your favorite band, while reading the Bible. #winning

    10. When you say “that’s good” during the sermon and MEAN IT!

    11. Leaving the worship service ON FIRE for God!

    12. Knowing exactly what “ON FIRE” for God means.

    13. Sharing the gospel with someone and they want to know more.

    14. Your BEST friend is also a believer.

    15. After-church lunch sesh with your besties.

    16. Learning about amazing people in the Bible like Esther, Ruth, David and Paul makes us go…. (This is the best gif ever.)

    17. Youth pastors who also become great mentors as well as great friends.

    18. Quiet time when you REALLY feel the Holy Spirit.

    19. Knowing all the lyrics to a certain worship song and singing them in unison with your friends while driving around.

    20. Being forgiven for your sins.

    21. Serving others, not because we have to, but because we love them and care for them deeply just as Christ cared for us.

    22. Duck Dynasty.

    23. The fact that Shane Harper is a Christian. Haha!

    24. Having hope and a purpose in life.

    25. Resting, physically resting, on the Sabbath! The joy!

    26. Going up to a random stranger and knowing, simply by something they say, that they too are a follower of Christ.

    27. Logging on to Project Inspired, meeting great friends from across the world and simply bonding over your love for Christ.

    PI Girls, what else would you add to this list?!

    Team Project Inspired
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    1. Ha wish number 6 were me. I have a crush on a Christian boy who’s cute… but also has like zero self confidence and hates reading and school and playing instruments and hiking… my life stinks. 🙂

    2. I agree with this list except for one thing. Duck Dynasty. The murder of God”s innocent creatures is NOT okay and the fact that you Christian does not mean you can murder God’s beautiful children. No creature deserves death like that. Duck Dynasty is about murderers of God’s innocent creatures. Such things should not be supported. I pray for those beautiful ducks. It breaks my heart that people get away with murder. Yet another reason why I am vegan. All God’s animals deserve to live. For animals to be killed for hunting, some twisted entertainment, clothing or even food is murdering God’s beautiful creatures for selfish egotistical purposes. Have you seen the cruel way they are treated? I doubt God ever intended for us to kill others in such a merciless way and raise them in cruelty. Thou shalt not kill. Duck Dynasty disobeys that. That is why I completely disagree with them being on this list.

      • Ok forgive me if I seem rude or blunt, but I felt that a few things should be pointed out with your statement:

        1. There is nothing in the bible that says or indicates killing animals for clothing or food is wrong. Nothing even indicates hunting for entertainment is wrong, though it is wrong to be wasteful. Here are some examples of God being completely fine and even advocating the killing of animals for various reasons:
        A. God killed the first animals to make clothes for Adam and Eve. (Genesis 3:21).
        B. God said that it was ok and nothing was wrong with eating animals in the Noahic covenant. (Genesis 9:3-4)
        C. God commanded animal sacrifices to be made regularly in the Old Testament. (Leviticus 16)

        2. In the NT, Paul tells us not to judge other christians because their diet isn’t exactly the same as ours. In Romans 14, Paul addresses an issue that was circulating the church at that time. Some people thought that eating meat sacrificed to idols beforehand was wrong and since that was one of the only sources of meat, they were essentially vegetarian. Other people saw nothing wrong with this, and ate the meat that had been sacrificed. Paul basically says that if one believes something to be a sin for them, then they ought not do it, but just because they believe that it is wrong that doesn’t make it ok for them to try judge other christians for what they eat. While this is a huge simplification of the verse, and I have not studied it very much, it seemed very relevant.

        3. On a side note, you seemed to be quoting the sixth commandment. However ‘kill’ is better and more accurately translated to ‘murder’ if you look at the hebrew word, which implies killing for revenge, out of negligence/recklessness, or premeditated killing. Most translations, especially the literal and most accurate translations translate it as murder instead of kill. There’s a huge difference. And that command is (I believe) referring only to the killing of humans, not to animals at all.

        So if you believe it is wrong to eat meat, then don’t eat it. However, don’t condemn and judge others for hunting and eating meat. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to open your bible a bit more.

      • I am not trying to be rude or prove anyone wrong, but I would just consider something…..
        Why do you think cows, chickens, and so forth are safe to eat? Gods plan for the Earth was for us to eat both meats and greens. That’s why he created cows, and pigs and chickens, etc. Yes, they are his creation, and while we keep them in pastures and more we should keep them happy. But I really do believe they were put on earth to be eaten. There’s no other reason their here….thanks! ?

      • Wait are you saying that eating that eating a steak dinner is selfish and egotistical of me? It’s okay for you to have a heart that loves animals and you don’t like it when they are hurt, but i dont think it’s okay for you to call others who dont feel the same way “Selfish and egotistical”.

        @krisitty im right with you

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