3 Reasons You Should See “Noah”

    Noah, starring Russell Crowe and Emma Watson, hits theaters today. You may be wondering if you should see it. After all, this is an elaboration of the Genesis story! Check out the trailer below:

    Here are three reasons you should see Noah:

    1. The film will open the door to talk about Christ with your non-believing friends. 

    The film takes artistic liberties, yes. But that leaves room to REALLY engage the scriptures of the story with friends who are sure to have questions. We know there will be questions—it’s human nature to question something like a giant flood that destroys the world. So, that best friend of yours who isn’t a Christian? Ask her if she wants to see Noah with you this weekend, then go out for fro-yo afterward to discuss!

    2. We need to support faith-based films.

    In a previous post, we discussed how Hollywood is experiencing a renaissance not seen in ages when it comes to faith. Well, this is one of those films. This movie features A-list actors Russell Crowe and Emma Watson. It was produced by a major production company, Paramount Pictures. They spent an estimated $125 million on it. They are heavily promoting a Biblical story—again, yes, with some liberties. But that’s okay. Jesus can handle people not of the Christian faith telling one of the greatest stories in the Bible. Remember, Hollywood is a business, and what better place to advance the Great Commission than through the major media? The only way we can help is by supporting these films rather than by criticizing what they got wrong.

    3. It may change people…in a good way!

    The Bible is the greatest story ever told. This movie is sharing a story from God’s Word. Again, is it perfect? No. However, this movie shows God’s grace and how (spoiler alert!) He comes through on His promises to Noah. That is something we all need to learn: to trust in God ALWAYS. Just as Noah put his trust in Christ, we need to do the same.

    This isn’t a movie that takes the literal interpretation of the story of Noah. In fact, this isn’t at all what you probably will think. However, it’s a movie worth seeing this weekend. Take a friend who doesn’t know the story, then find time to engage with her about the real story of Noah found in Genesis!

    Are you planning to see "Noah"?

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    1. I see what you’re saying but I also believe Hollywood is just using these films for money. They have no interest in faith or what it really means. My parents went to see it today and they did not feel it was at all accurate. They also felt it was kind of making a joke of Christianity and God.

    2. I really do want to see this movie. But however I did just find out that the producer is an atheist and he made this movie not exactly like biblical terms to make fun of Christians. That kind of turned me away. But I am still going to see it probably

    3. I’ve read that the director is a core Atheist and additionally boasted that this movie is “the most unbiblical film ever made”. Not going to be seeing this movie OR promoting it 🙁

    4. I’ll probably go to see it sto but I heard it has some inappropriate content as well as Noah wanting to like kill his family and other biblically inaccurate things that might have gone a little beyond “artistic license”…either way I love all the Christian movies in theatres!

    5. These are not my words but the words of a devout Jewish believer by the name of Ben Shapiro. After hearing his experience of seeing the movie, this is not something I would give money to.

      Great Sin: Overpopulation. The Bible speaks of the days when human beings had increased in number (Genesis 6:1). But it does not say that this is a bad thing. In fact, just a few chapters earlier, God enjoins man to be fruitful and multiply. But in Noah, endless encampments of human beings rapaciously live off of the earth. And Noah fears human population growth, believing that it will undermine the environment.

      Great Sin: Animal Cruelty. Animals are the ideal in this vision of the world. As Ila (Emma Watson), Noah’s adopted daughter and Seth’s wife in the film, states, “They live as they did in the Garden.” They’re the innocent. Humans, however, are not innocent, because they’re ruining things for the animals. That’s what justifies God’s wrath. It also justifies Noah killing three guys for hunting a snake-dog. Now, in traditional Biblical interpretation, one of the seven commandments the sons of Noah took on was not to eat the flesh of a living animal. But Aronofsky takes it all the way, suggesting that meat-eating itself is the problem. Noah’s son, Ham, is shown as a sinner for having a taste for meat. Forget the fact that after the flood in the Bible, Noah immediately offers animal sacrifices and God tells Noah he can have a giant barbecue with all the animals (Genesis 9:3).

      Great Sin: Weapons-Making. Tubal-Cain is described in the Bible as a weapons maker, but has nothing to do with the Noah story. But in Noah, he’s the great villain – a humanity-first abuser who is willing to do anything to save himself. He makes weapons, of course, and Noah tells his son, Ham, not to take a weapon from Tubal-Cain. Of course, Noah is apparently fluent in weapons use. This contradiction is never explained.
      In this litany of great sins, you may be missing the traditional Biblical explanations of sin: idolatry, sexual immorality, violence. [forced exploitation of women] and murder make brief appearances, but those sins are purely secondary to the true sin: destruction of the environment and the purty animals.

      Humanity Doesn’t Deserve to Survive: Because man has destroyed nature and therefore deserves to be destroyed, Noah is left in the odd position of saving his family alongside the animals. That’s odd because Noah and family are also humans – humans who have also exploited nature in order to survive. In the Biblical narrative, God saves Noah because he is not immoral – because he walks with God. In the Noah story, God chooses Noah because Noah supposedly has the strength to do away with all of humanity. God chooses Hitler. What Aronofsky never quite explains is why God rewards Noah for failing in his mission – and why, if humanity was meant to survive and Noah’s children will be sinners, God doesn’t just send a couple cases of disease to finish off the job. Instead, Aronofsky’s Noah sits by idly while the last of the humans drown just yards from his boat, screaming pitifully. Then he proceeds to consider whether or not to demolish his own kids.

      Noah Is a Homicidal Maniac: Instead, in the film, God sends Noah to finish off the job – even if that means murdering his newly-born granddaughters. Granddaughters cannot be born, of course, because Noah’s sons could theoretically pair off with their nieces to reproduce. And so the climactic scene of the film has Russell Crowe hovering over his grandchildren with a knife in his hand. He only changes his mind because…well, because…love. Yes, that’s the Hollywood all-purpose fix.

      There are other problems with the film, of course… The film finishes with shots of pairs of animals that could have come from a National Geographic special. Which leads to this question: if God just wanted a really nice zoo, why did He bother creating mankind in the first place?

    6. I totally get what all you girls are trying to point out…This movie isn’t very Biblically correct, I completely agree. But instead of not even going to the movie because of that reason, I find strange. Going to the movie could give you a chance that is hard to come by. You could tell your friends, who absolutely loved it, how wrong it was, and then let them know what the story really is. By doing that, it could plant a seed in them and have them wondering, “What else has Hollywood been telling me about Bible-based stories that isn’t true!?!” You could also share the Gospel with them through the falseness of the movie!!! Hope that made sense!! 🙂

    7. I just saw Noah last night and these are my thoughts

      Acting and cinematography were spectacular! Beautiful actually.
      Now I expected the movie to be VERY loosely based on the Bible. However, this movie twisted the MESSAGE in the most repulsive ways. I don’t mind artistic license. But I mind when the creator of this film turns people from God.

      In the REAL story of Noah, the message was that we were wicked and treated the earth wrong. God found one man who was righteous and saved his family. He promised to never destroy the earth again.
      God is the silent, awful, menacing creature from above in this film. He tells Noah to kill mankind. Noah turns AWAY from God, which is what we want the whole film! God becomes the enemy! God turns Noah into a madman.
      I was sickened.

      I didn’t mind the stone rock creatures. I didn’t mind the wise Methuselah. I didn’t mind the tribe from Cain. What made me angry was that I think non believers will be turned off to God, unless they read the story for themselves. The message was wrong. The message said turn your back on God, because he’s obviously wrong.
      I think people should see it to form their own opinions. But I was not a fan.

    8. I heard that this movie is VERY inaccurate and shames the real story of Noah from the Bible. In an interview with the producer, he said he didn’t give a f*** about how inaccurate it is. I do not recommend seeing this movie AT ALL!

    9. My humble advice to my brethren concerning the Noah movie is to make an informed decision. If you really want to support faith based movies I suggest watching the Noah movie created by our brother and firm believer in Christ, Ray Comfort. It was released on the same day as this Hollywood version. It is very effective in witnessing to the lost and though it was made with the most humble budget…it will leave a much bigger impact as it will quicken the hearts and lives of people to consider the days in which we live and the the eternal perspective of the choices we make today…. Here is a link….please watch and pass on to everyone you know.

    10. Three reasons why you should NOT see Noah:

      1. It is a horribly inaccurate story of Noah and the flood–No, Noah did not attempt to kill his entire family!
      2. Russel Crowe, doesn’t even believe the story of Noah and the flood is real. Why are we supporting actors like this?
      3. It overall creates the illusion that God fearing people, are mean and heartless. In the movie Noah, Noah is such a mean bully!

      I am honestly pretty sad that PI suggested that we support this movie. I mean, are we really encouraging people to make supposedly “biblically” based movies, that don’t even share the Gospel message?

      • Because it may not be biblical it opens the door for us to invite people to get to know the bible, God can use this. It could make people curious about the story of Noah and they could pick up a bible and read the biblical version to see the differences.

    11. Also, it’s sad that PI said that hollywood is experiencing a “renaissance when it comes to faith.” Let me remind that Paramount Pictures who created Noah, also put out a movie called The wolf of Wall Street, that took the Lord’s name in vain 60 times, and said the F word 500 times. Whoever wrote this article, should really be more discerning when it comes to movies, and PI articles. 🙁

    12. I should begin by saying that I haven’t seen Noah, but I read a review on Plugged In Online. And I was not impressed. At. All. According to the review, Noah is not portrayed as the faithful man of God he was. The Bible tells us that Noah and his family were the only ones who remained faithful to God in a corrupt and sinful world, and that is why He spared them from the flood. That is perhaps the biggest part of the story! Noah’s faith. His INCREDIBLE faith. And based on what I’ve read, I don’t think the movie captured that or even attempted to capture it. It also has some inappropriate content–Shem had sex with his fiancee before they were married. That is neither accurate nor evidence of his faithfulness to God. If Shem had committed adultery, then he might not have been spared from the flood by God. There’s artistic license, and then there’s blasphemy. I know I might come off as sounding harsh, but it always upsets me when the God’s Word is twisted and perverted. But I believe that as followers of Christ, the perversion of God’s Word should always upset us.

      “For certain men whose condemnation was written about long ago have secretly slipped in among you. They are godless men, who change the grace of our God into a license for immorality and deny Jesus Christ our only Sovereign and Lord.” Jude 1:4

    13. I saw Noah. I went into this film only seeing part of the preview. I saw animals surrounding the ark and Noah being told in a vision it was going to flood. I thought that was weird since God told Noah directly but oh well. I saw this movie and sure it might lead to conversations but it was not in any sense biblical. Fallen angels were considered protectors of God’s people. Noah was a mass murderer (even contemplating murdering his granddaughters). The movie portrayed Noah as following God’s will. It says that’s God’s will is to wipe out every human being. In the end Noah rejects this and says God I’m not doing it anymore. So basically since Noah doesn’t commit murder he is disobeying God’s orders? This portrays God as unloving and insane- very blasphemous. It says that God doesn’t care about humans. The only person to say that humans are made in God’s image is the bad guy. And he is using it in a bad way. This film has little similarities with the Bible. The only ones being the mans name is Noah, he built an ark, the eart flooded.

    14. I’ve read a lot about Noah, which is why I REFUSE to watch this. And the further my point, here’s a quote from Ken Ham (the guy who debated with Bill Nye):
      “Ultimately, there is barely a hint of biblical fidelity in this film. It is an unbiblical, pagan film from its start”

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