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3 Ways the Extroverted Christian Girl Impacts Her World

I am an extroverted Christian woman.

For a long time I considered this a bad thing. I admired my introverted friends; they seemed so much more patient, discerning and careful with their words. In contrast, when I get around people, I get excited. I get loud. But after years of asking God to help me embrace who I am, I’ve finally learned to be happy with the personality God gave me. I’ve realized that the extroverted girl has a lot to offer this world.

If you’re an extrovert like me, maybe you’ve struggled with your personality. Be encouraged! Here are only three of the many ways the extroverted Christian girl impacts her world for Christ.


She gets excited about new people and environments.

Not everyone loves a crowd. That’s where the extrovert has an advantage! She loves a good group of people and is thrilled to make new friends. New things are a challenge and an opportunity. Meeting new people is just another means of gaining new friends.

Extroverts get their energy from being around people. This is an excellent trait for many kinds of ministry. Jesus spent most of His ministry working with large crowds, teaching them with authority and boldness. He regularly journeyed to new places to meet people and tend to their needs. For the extrovert, the demands of many people can be easier to bear due to their personality. If you are an outgoing girl, God can use that to advance the gospel. You don’t have to be a missionary, either—just a bold witness for Jesus wherever you are.


She loves to engage in a good discussion.

The extroverted girl loves to talk with people—whether to encourage and uplift fellow Christians or to be educated about worldviews of unbelievers. This love for discussion provides a foundation of trust and dialogue. Since it’s not our job to “save” anyone (Jesus does that through the Holy Spirit), every positive conversation we hold opens doors for the Holy Spirit to work. We don’t have to worry about getting a salvation decision—just planting seeds.

The extroverted girl can use this skill to powerfully proclaim the name of Jesus with her words. When your heart is rooted in Him, all your conversations will reflect the depth of your relationship with God. A personable girl willing to discuss topics of eternal significance will have many opportunities for evangelism.


She is loud about Jesus.

I mentioned that my “loudness” made me embarrassed to embrace my personality. Certainly, I’ve learned to tone it down a bit (there is a time and a place for everything!). But I’ve also seen how my words are used to point back to the God who saved me.

Extroverted girls might like to talk, hang out with crowds and get a little loud now and then. But all of these things can be used for God’s glory when we submit our personalities to Him! Your personality—even your loudness—was not an accident. It was intentional. Who we are as introverts or extroverts specifically equips us to carry God’s Word to the people who need to hear it. Some people need to hear it from an introvert; others need to hear it proclaimed loudly and boldly from the mouth of an extroverted girl like you.

Image: Lightstock | Josh Boston


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