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3 Ways the Introverted Christian Girl Impacts Her World

I’ve always admired my introverted friends. I sometimes wish I were less drawn to the busy and bustle that my extroverted self craves, but there it is: I love the loudness! While extroverts have much to offer the kingdom of God, there is also much to be said for the introverted girls. Though they might not get energy from a crowded room—preferring instead to recharge alone, with a book or one-on-one with someone—the introvert has a powerful influence for Christ.

If you’ve ever wondered how God will use you in a world reverberating with noise, here are three ways the introverted Christian girl impacts her community.


She is always willing to listen.

Because introverts tend to talk less than extroverts, they also tend to be great listeners. Willingness to listen makes the introverted girl an incredible asset to God’s kingdom work.

Listening takes effort. Withholding judgment, taking time for the person to share her heart and responding with wisdom—these things don’t just happen. That’s why the listening skills of a quieter girl are so powerful. Making people feel known and loved is just as important as sharing the truth from a pulpit. And since many introverts are more comfortable in intimate settings, the person who has the privilege of being listened to will receive full attention the entire time.


She understands the discipline of a quiet heart.

The introverted girl may or may not be physically quiet, but she probably understands the significance of having a quiet heart. As she retreats to recharge, to be alone with God and her thoughts, she disciplines her heart to hear His voice. In a world of busyness and noise, this is so important!

If you’re an introvert, you can teach this discipline to others. You can set an example of what it means to draw near to God, to listen for His voice and learn how to better serve those He puts in your path. Extroverts benefit from this by learning how to create balance between “people time” and “recharge time”—because we all need to rest.


She has a deep sense of empathy.

When you don’t talk as much, you probably notice more. Many introverts are more in tune with their surroundings and the feelings of others.

Your attention may be drawn to the people who are left out and hurting. Time spent in reflection, coupled with your own sensitivity to the emotions of others, cultivates a deep sense of empathy for the people around you. While extroverts reflect the boldness of Christ, introverts reflect His compassion. The introverted Christian girl has much to give her world in the way of patience, thoughtfulness and care.

Our world magnifies the importance of the person holding the microphone—even in the church. But the people who work quietly, or prefer smaller crowds to big ones, do work that is as great as those on a stage. Your personality equipped you for the people God knew would cross your path. You have something great to offer His kingdom! Let His heart shine through your person and know that Christ uses all believers—introvert and extrovert alike.

Image: Lightstock | Josh Boston


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  1. Publicpassion

    Posted by Publicpassion on December 28, 2016 at 08:22

    I needed this! Thank you!