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Catch Nicole in Catching Faith 2 now on DVD and streaming, buy your copy now!

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    3 Ways to Protect Yourself from Idle Hands This Summer, by PI Girl Leah

    Happy summer, girls! Now that school is over, I’m sure you’re all ready to enjoy the hassle-free, no stress lifestyle that we refer to as summer vacation! While I’m sure several of you work or volunteer during the summer, there’s still plenty of free time on your hands to kick back, relax, and catch up on the sleep you missed out on while cramming for finals in the last few weeks.

    But between all the catnaps, CSI Miami marathons and tanning sessions that will inevitably take place this summer, it’s easy for this no-stress lifestyle to become just that…a lifestyle. Lazy summer days can turn into lazy summer months really fast. In fact, every summer for the past three or four years, I can recall setting a summer goal for myself, just to let it fall by the wayside as I indulged myself in something called idleness.

    Idleness is what takes place when there are several productive things you could be doing, yet the time for these things is wasted and nothing productive occurs. For example, sleeping until 2 pm on a beautiful day can rob you of not only an entire morning and early afternoon of wasted life, but also of the time you could have spent walking your dog, cleaning your car, or even having quiet time with God amid the beauty of nature before a storm strikes.

    Likewise, in Matthew chapter 25, we see the story of the man who entrusted his gold to his servants while he went on a journey. The first two servants used the time while their master was away wisely, investing their gold, and earning more gold to give their master upon his return. However, the third man simply buried his gold, and when the master returned the lazy servant had nothing to show for all the time he had been given to increase his share. His idle behavior robbed him of a reputation as a hard worker, as well as the wonderful life his master had previously provided for him.

    Not only does idleness keep us of accomplishing goals and building a reputation as hard workers for our Master (whether that’s God, our parents, or even our employers), but it may lead to boredom. Although boredom in itself is not particularly a bad thing, boredom can often lead us to experiment with things we would have no business experimenting with if we were busy working towards meaningful tasks–things like sin.

    Think about it—have you ever done something wrong in order to cause some excitement? Many people indulge in gluttony initially out of boredom. Slowly, eating becomes more than just something to do when bored; it becomes an addiction, and Satan has you right where he wants you. In this way, boredom, or idleness, can be a very dangerous tool of the devil.

    So how can you protect yourself?

    First, pray. Ask God to strengthen you this summer to put energy into something worthwhile and productive. Ask Him to place a goal in your heart to accomplish. Whether it’s volunteering at Vacation Bible School, writing devotions, or learning to play guitar, God puts dreams into your heart for a reason—for you to accomplish them!

    Then, do. Chase after your goals! Ask the VBS organizer at your church how you can help, take a writing class, or contact the worship leader at a local church for help being pointed in the right direction. There are no excuses for a wasted summer!

    Finally, enjoy yourself. Not being idle this summer doesn’t mean all work and no play. Take some “you time” here and there and enjoy your summer. King Solomon spoke often of the balance between play and work. It’s even vital for a healthy lifestyle!

    With all that said, I hope you have a great summer full of rest and excitement! God bless!

    Written by PI Girl Leah

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