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30 Ways to Pray for Your Future Husband

I distinctly remember praying for Josh, my husband, when I was 16. I was standing on my parents’ property wondering where Josh was and what he was doing, not knowing his name or where he lived or anything about him. I asked God to be with him and help him be patient, just as I was learning to be.

Now that we’re married, it’s amazing to see what work God was doing in Josh’s life those years I prayed for him—the ways God was reaching him and rescuing him out of a lifestyle that didn’t honor Jesus. Those simple prayers I prayed for Josh were part of his walk to the Lord!

If you struggle with discontent in your singleness and idolatry of marriage, I suggest redirecting those thoughts into prayers. Rather than daydream about situations with guys or imagining your future spouse, pray for him! Here are 30 things you can pray for your future husband—one for each day of the month.


  1. Pray for him to be full of the knowledge of the Lord (Colossians 3).
  2. Pray for him to desire to know God on a deeper level.
  3. Pray for him to be submissive to authority.
  4. Pray for him to have a teachable spirit.
  5. Pray for him to be at peace with his family.
  6. Pray for him to spend time in the Word.
  7. Pray for him to make wise relationship decisions.
  8. Pray for his protection from porn and sexual sin.
  9. Pray for him to seek God first in everything.
  10. Pray for his parents.
  11. Pray for God to keep your heart fixed on Him before and after you meet.
  12. Pray for wisdom for you both.
  13. Pray for strong godly figures in both of your lives.
  14. Pray for a willingness to obey God’s direction.
  15. Pray for the strength to lead well.
  16. Pray for an understanding and compassionate spirit.
  17. Pray for perseverance in the waiting.
  18. Pray for the fruit of the Spirit to be evident in his life.
  19. Pray for a strong church community for him.
  20. Pray for the Word to not return void in his life.
  21. Pray for his patience.
  22. Pray for his friendships.
  23. Pray for his communication to honor the Lord.
  24. Pray for flexibility and willingness to hear the other side.
  25. Pray for a respect for women in his heart.
  26. Pray for his view of marriage to be biblical and honorable.
  27. Pray for his sexuality to be holy.
  28. Pray for the years between now and when you meet.
  29. Pray for God’s will to be fulfilled in his life.
  30. Pray for him to work hard for what God has called him to do.


Now here’s the kicker: If you pray these things, each day you pray them, pray the same thing for yourself. What we want in a spouse should also be found in our own character! As you pray for your future husband to be teachable, ask God to work a teachable spirit in your own life. This will remind you of your own walk with God and the priority He deserves, even as you direct any thoughts about the future into prayer.

Are you going to take this 30-day challenge? Try it in the new year!

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