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4 Practices to Implement During Your Daily “Quiet Time”

Sometimes it’s difficult to truly find quiet time with the Lord – even when we intentionally set out to set aside the time. We come to Him, completely focused on ourselves, our concerns, our plans, and our dreams, never taking the time to stop and listen to what He might have to say to us, never purposing to “be still and know that [He is] God” (Psalm 46:10).

What might the Lord want to share about Himself with us? What does He want to pour into us that would refresh our souls and refocus our direction in life? How do we intentionally stop and listen to the voice of God? The great news is the the Lord wants to spend this time with us. He is waiting for us to simply dive in. Here are four practices to implement into your daily quiet time which will help you in this area:


Begin Each Quiet Time with Prayer

To intentionally make it your aim to hear from God, begin each quiet time with prayer that God would open your eyes and ears to what He wants you to learn. Pray for a ready, willing, submissive, and receptive heart. In those moments of quiet time together, seek to be more concerned with what God wants to teach you than you are anything else.


Ask “What Does This Passage Tell Me About God?”

We often make the mistake of first looking for what the Bible has to say about us or where we could potentially find ourselves in any given passage. Instead, when approaching a Bible passage, we should be making it our aim to always first look for what the passage teaches us about God. The Bible is His Word, meant to reveal Him to us, so getting to know the character of God should be our ultimate aim – not first jumping to see what the Word has to say about us. Keeping first things first in this way will also greatly help us when it does come time to consider who the Bible says we are. If we first know who Christ is, then learning about who we are in Him will then be far richer still!


Create Space to Hear from God

Sadly, it is super common for me too, upon ending my Bible reading and prayer time, immediately jump to the next task at hand, whether that is feeding my children breakfast, working on a writing task, or producing a podcast. What I have been purposing to do lately, though, is sit still long enough to give the Holy Spirit room to speak to my soul and myself room to sense what He is saying. God is not in the business of shouting from the rooftops at us. Instead, His is a still, small voice. In order to hear it and get our mind off ourselves and our to-do lists and back onto the Lord and His will for our lives, we must be still, ready, and available to hear from God.


Make It Your Daily Prayer That God Would Change You Ever More into His Image

Narcissism can deceive us into thinking we have it all together and life is all about us – neither of which is true. Instead, we need to make it our aim to partner with God in the sanctification process of our souls. We should seek to have it be the cry of our hearts that, just as we are already image bearers of God, the Holy Spirit would make us more and more into people who bear Christ’s image to the world as we seek to be His faithful ambassadors.


In a self-focused culture, it can be incredibly challenging to stop thinking about ourselves and instead shift our focus back onto God. But doing so is incredibly worth it, and is one goal we will never regret giving our time and attention to!


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