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    4 Steps to Help You Know the Bible Better, By PI Girl Leah

    Do you have a longing to know God’s Word even more? As Christians, this is a desire that we should strive to have! Here are four steps to help you get to know God’s Word on a deeper level.

    1. Form a Bible study and accountability group
    I cannot stress how important it is to have a support group to help you on this journey! Your group should consist of several others around your age who all share the goal of getting to know the Bible better. If you wish to take a leadership role and make a Bible reading plan, that’s great! If not, that’s okay, too—others in the group may be interested in doing so, or you may find it beneficial to have an older leader step in.

    This group is here for the purpose of holding everyone accountable for reading the Bible on a consistent basis. Sometimes we need someone to give us a little push to do the things we should be doing anyway. Setting goals and having friends to check up on your reading progress will help provide the motivation you need!

    2. Memorize verses
    Just as you should set goals in your Bible study group about how many/which chapters to read, you should also set goals about what verses to memorize. Having multiple Bible verses memorized will open doors in your spiritual life you never knew could be opened!

    For example, being able to provide a friend with the perfect verse at just the right time could help her with what she’s dealing with, right then and there. On the other hand, always having to look up a verse to fit a situation can be time-consuming, and you may miss the chance to properly share the Word of God if you and your friend only have a few short minutes together. Also, praying verses back to God and meditating on known verses when a Bible is not near can bring you incredible peace in troubling times.

    3. Find your life verse
    Do you have a favorite verse? How about a life verse? A “life verse” is a passage of scripture that can reflect trials you have faced in your life, provide hope to you during troubling times or is simply an expression of the way you feel about Your Savior. If you don’t have a life verse, now is an excellent time to get one! Take the time to learn it by heart and make an intentional effort to apply it to your life. When you feel as if you can really relate to a part of God’s Word, wanting to relate to the rest of it comes naturally!

    4. Pray before and after each Bible reading
    Reading the Bible is a great thing to do, and it’s necessary for growth in your Christian walk. But remember, it’s just as important to know the Author of the scriptures as it is to know the scriptures themselves. Both praying and reading our Bibles are what open us up to communication from God.

    Pray before reading a passage in the Bible that God will speak to you through what you will read, as well as give you understanding of what will be spoken to you. Pray after you read that God will help you apply what you’ve learned to your life.

    One last note: Studying the Bible is important, but keep in mind that while there may be a point in your life when you might not have access to a Bible, you will always have access to direct communication with your personal Lord and Savior!

    How do you get to know the Bible better? Is there anything you could add to this list? I’d love to hear your advice!

    Written by PI Girl Leah

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