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Christian Life

4 Ways to Be Actively Pro-Life

The pro-life worldview is under attack in our world. While we often turn to Roe v. Wade as the point when unborn babies, and the sanctity of life, became threatened, this battle has been waged since sin entered the world. Our spiritual enemy is a proponent of death, because God is the Giver and Maintainer of life. The battle for life (in and out of the womb) did not begin when abortion became legal; it began when Adam and Eve rejected God’s perfect plan.

Thousands of years later, we defend the rights of unborn humans based on their innate value, the sanctity of their existence. Unfortunately, the pro-life movement is often distilled to nothing more than Facebook arguments and bumper stickers. As followers of Christ and image-bearers of God, we are called to be actively pro-life. This requires more than words. Here are four ways you can mobilize yourself in defense of life and uphold its sanctity in honor of God.


1. Support a pregnancy center.

Pregnancy centers provide the support and resources for mothers who otherwise would consider an abortion. They always need supplies, funding and even volunteers in order to meet the needs of their communities. Find your nearest pregnancy center and consider:

  • Giving tithes or offerings
  • Volunteering to assist as needed or to clean the facility
  • Donating supplies
  • Hosting a fundraiser
  • Gathering friends to raise awareness for the needs of a specific pregnancy center

You can also fund pregnancy centers outside the United States through organizations like Compassion International. My husband and I fund a pregnancy center in Peru that provides prenatal care, counseling and supplies to pregnant women.


2. Offer to babysit for a single mom.

In opposing abortion, we’re saying that the child within a woman has a right to live, a right not subject to the mother’s choice. But the pro-life conversation doesn’t end when the baby is born. Many of these babies are born to unwed mothers, women who have little to no support system and sometimes no job. If they take the bold step of giving their baby life, we need to be there to support that decision. That is being truly pro-life.

This means offering to give a single mom you know a much-needed break by babysitting for free. Or perhaps take her and her child out for dinner, or treat her to manicure—whatever would lighten the load she’s bearing as the sole parent of her child.


3. Support adoptive and foster families in any way you can.

Another way to be actively pro-life is to support adoptive and foster families in your area. Perhaps they’d like a free meal to give them a break one evening. Maybe you can offer to watch the kids in-home so their mom can clean the house uninterrupted. Most of all, ask how you can be a support and help to them, and how you can help encourage more Christians to consider adoption and foster care. If a baby is not aborted but is born into dangerous circumstances, the foster care system is his next stop. If we’re really pro-life, we need to be pro-life when that baby needs a home. You might not be able to foster or adopt yourself, but you can find ways to support those who do!


4. Set an example of purity.

You might be wondering what purity has to do with being pro-life. Everything. The purity of your life will either confirm or contradict your claim to be pro-life.

The babies being aborted in this nation are largely conceived in extramarital sex. Before we, as Christians, argue about pro-life issues on social media, we need to ask ourselves: “Am I so pro-life that I am honoring the sanctity of my own life, including the sanctity of my sexuality?” It is hypocritical to condemn women for pursuing abortions while simultaneously living in sexual sin. Yes, abortion is wrong because it ends a sacred life. Yet ALL sin is wrong because is dishonors a sacred life and separates us from God.

Your purity preaches the gospel louder than anything you say or type. Honor God with your body. Uphold his design for sexuality. Then love those who have transgressed it, and love the babies born from it, with the same grace that Jesus offers to all of us.

That is being truly pro-life.

Image: Lightstock | Prixel Creative


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