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Catch Nicole in Catching Faith 2 now on DVD and streaming, buy your copy now!

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    4 Ways to Respond to Social Media Cruelty

    Online shaming is a real thing and unfortunately is one of the downsides of today’s social media world. Social networking is a public platform where everyone has become entitled with opinions, and we don’t see eye to eye with many of them.

    People seem to have a hard time understanding that disagreeing doesn’t always mean hate. We can still be respectful and ought to have regard for one another no matter who they are or what they believe. That means choosing our words carefully and thinking about how they will affect the person on the other side of that screen. As ideal as that sounds, it’s not always the case when things escalate quickly into online drama. We’re all tired of seeing it, yet one person at a time, we can all do something about it. Here are four ways to deal with social media cruelty.


    1. Don’t respond. If there’s one thing that’s true about all drama, it’s that it has to be fed to survive. It needs a reaction, otherwise it loses its power. Many times when it comes to heated posts that stir our emotions, the best reaction is no reaction. It’s good to learn how to pick and choose your battles wisely. Not every battle is worth fighting. Not every toxic situation deserves your attention. In fact, many times, it will suck more out of you than you were in for! Let it go. Don’t feed the fire. Don’t respond.


    2. Reach out to those being attacked. Social media attacks are also real. No matter how much someone tries to portray themselves as being strong, cruel words can break a spirit, even if just for a moment. If you see someone facing a lot of heat, decide to uplift them with encouraging words: “Hey, I’m sorry they were coming down so hard on you. I just wanted to let you know you are a beautiful person and you don’t have to subject yourself to this.” Something to that nature may be someone’s breath of fresh air in the situation.

    3. Say something positive. What better way to counteract the negative than with the positive? It’s a really simple idea. Add something positive to the conversation that will lift the mood.


    4. Report it. Harassment is just not okay. If you see it, don’t be afraid to report the post or person. This option exists for a reason because it enforces a boundary that lets people know they cannot behave in any crazy manner with others. I’m not saying you should start reporting every moment of drama you see. Drama is inevitable. What I’m saying is to be mindful of dangerous words and threats being thrown at others, and don’t be afraid to be a part of taking action against it.


    Have you ever experienced social media cruelty? What did you do? Comment below!

    Brittney Moses
    Brittney Moses
    Brittney Moses is a Los Angeles native, passionate about seeing this generation live wholeheartedly on purpose. While pursuing Clinical Psychology, she leverages her platform to reduce stigma, educate and assist with helpful information on the integration of faith and mental health. Still, her favorite part of life is being called Mommy to her sweet son Austin.


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