41 #ChristianProblems You’ll Laugh At!

    We all know life can be hard…and as a Christian, it can be even harder! In the spirit of laughter, here are some of the problems you most likely have, or will struggle with, in leading a Christian life.

    1. Someone asks you to pray the Lord’s Prayer, but you can never remember the second half….

    2. Trying to do devotions outside, but that bird keeps chirping and distracting you….

    3. Your youth pastor begins a series on dating, and you’re single.

    4. You want to sing the worship song with your eyes closed—but you forgot the words.

    5. You want to post a Bible verse on Twitter, but it’s more than 140 characters.

    6. Not sure if this emoji is praying or what?


    7. That baby just won’t be quiet in church, thus destroying your “getting into the zone” moment.

    8. Side hugs.

    9. Not sure what to bring to the church potluck.

    10. Nothing GOOD to eat at the church potluck.

    11. Trying to figure out “okay” curse words.

    12. Early service at church.

    13. Not sure if a song is just a love song or a Christian song praising God.

    14. Being asked to pray and getting stage fright.

    15. That boy you’re crushin’ on is the pastor’s son….

    16. Worship band is too quiet/too loud.

    17. You can’t sing.

    18. Your phone goes off during prayer.

    19. Finding modest clothing you like.

    20. Not sure if it’s a purity ring or a wedding band.


    21. Your pastor is your dad and he talks about you during the sermons.

    22. Love to dance, but you go to a Christian school where it’s not allowed.

    23. Love a certain band that isn’t Christian, therefore you have to listen in quiet.

    24. You can’t memorize scripture and you feel horrible about it.

    25. The hottest guy at school isn’t a Christian.

    26. He has a GREAT heart, but he isn’t your type.

    27. Snapchatting during church and missing the point of the message.

    28. YOLO…haha, no.

    29. All your friends are getting engaged young.

    30. You get excited when someone starts talking about Christian, but then you realize it’s a guy named Christian and not your faith.

    31. You say, “God is good all the time.” Nobody responds with the other part.

    32. The worship band never plays Hillsong United.

    33. Your best friend goes to another church.

    34. Not sure if that guy is sleeping or praying….

    35. Your crush says he’s feeling called to the south Sudan to be a missionary.

    36. The coffee at church isn’t very good.

    37. There’s nobody your age in your church.

    38. You get interrupted by the waiter while praying at the restaurant.

    39. Your parents sign you up for ChristianMingle.

    40. You go to Christian summer camp and the boy you meet lives far away from you.

    41. You crave Chick-fil-A like crazy only on Sundays (when they’re closed).

    Tell us more! What’s a #ChristianProblem for you?!

    Team Project Inspired
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    1. 3. I know
      4. LOL
      7. yeah
      8. Hate those
      11. yes… 🙁 lol
      12. not always
      16. Oh yeah
      18. Lol a few times
      19. Yeah sometimes
      23. 🙂
      24. True
      26. Yeah. But it’s just He doesn’t have the qualities im looking for.
      34. Hmm. I think… lol

    2. Teehee, I can relate to nearly all of these; however, I don’t have much a problem with listening to the music I like. Then again, I tend to not listen to music with negative/sexualized messages, so I guess nowadays that essentially brings it down to Christian music and Japanese music ^^” (although once I learn Japanese I guess I’ll probably stop listening to some of those songs, too).

    3. When the you’re the ONLY teenager in church and are expected to volunteer with everything. (Seriously though, we have a great 0-5 nursery program, a grade 1-5 program, a middle school program, but I make up the youth group.) and when the youth pastor is asked to do a sermon and makes references to you because you are the youth group.

      • Oh my gosh! I can totally relate to the girls who get off topic during small groups! Especially when the messaged related to something that’s going on in your life and it really got to you on a spiritual level!

    4. 11, 13, 17, 26, 29, and 38 all speak to me on a spiritual level. ESPECIALLY number 29. -_- I just graduated high school and so many girls in my class are engaged, married, living with their boyfriend or pregnant. And I’m over here like “I like that boulder. That is a nice boulder.” (thumbs up to the cool cat that gets the reference)

    5. I can relate to a lot if these, but especially the purity ring one. I personally wear mine on my right ring finger to avoid confusion. However, I was volunteering at a kindergarten a few weeks back, and I had this one adorable little girl point to it and ask very curiously “Are you married?”

    6. I can relate to a lot of these. One I can’t relate to is #36 because my family runs the coffee shop, and everyone depends on the coffee and “quick” breakfast. A couple that relate to is #33 and #41. It’s sad but it’s true.

    7. Honestly, I find a lot of these problems painful and disturbing, not necessarily funny. I guess laughing about them through gifs can be therapeutic, but shouldn’t we be doing things about them instead of just coping? A lot of these things are easily fixed. I got rid of plenty of these by simply not caring about what other people think and by not going to church.

      • ummm… pretty sure that coffee tasting bad, the worship team not playing a great band, phone going off in church, the guy you like being the pastor’s kid, early services at church and such are not disturbing. the one I find even remotely painful/ disturbing/ whatever is the freinds getting engaged you one. The rest are like first world problems, except most of them relate mostly to Christians.

      • I completely agree! I am Roman Catholic and a lot of these don’t apply, but some of them shocked me. For example, Snap-chatting during church? That was really sad that people would be that disrespectful. A lot of these can be fixed like you said, especially little things like the coffee. But I LOVE LOVE LOVE going to mass on Sundays!! A lot of my problems get fixed when I give them to God during the mass. I feel so at peace and the holy spirit just comes into me and sets me on fire after Sundays. Even if you aren’t Catholic, I’m sure a lot of you feel the same way after a service!! Maybe you should give church a try, I think if you go with an open heart you will find yourself really enjoying it!! :):):)

    8. Most of these apply only to more modern, evangelical-style Christians. I go to a pretty traditional Episcopalian church, and we don’t really have a lot of this. I used to go to a contemporary church, though, so I still get a lot of them 🙂

    9. Why does everyone love Hillsong?? WHY??? Sure their messages are fine but…but…they take six minutes when the entirety of their lyrics could be sung in like, 45 seconds…MAYBE a minute if there’s two verses instead of one and 12 choruses–that are one or two lines long. I just don’t understand what’s exciting about that.

      • I KNOW. And they’re so BORING. They use plain, predictable beats, and NO instruments besides guitar and piano. Way too long, way too little content. And they’re so stinkin’ overplayed.

        • Hillsong is just preference. That’s how they worship and its good to support people in all ways of worship. There’s also hillsong young & free which is dance music…just a recommendation

        • IKR!!!!!!!!!!! I listen to bethel. They are much better in my opinion, and did you know that jesus culture was bethels youth group worship team???

    10. Ok seriously, I’ve always thought that 37 was my number and have had some strange cases where 37 just.. worked. But this.. #37 couldn’t be more accurate. Seriously. My sister and I are the ONLY teenagers. -_- #longlive37
      And number 40 is completely true for me to. My bestie bro lives 4.5 hours away. 🙁

    11. Numbers 13 and 38 are so relatable! Sometimes, when I’m listening to a Christian band, I’ll think to myself, “Wow, if you just change your perspective, it could really be a love song…” and then there are the times when you’re praying and the waiter comes with your food. I always feel bad for them when that happens because they look so sorry.

    12. #40 is soooo relatable! I met this amazing guy at Impact in Tocooca, GA and he lives 2 1/2 hours away from me…it really stinks. But with the internet, we can Skype and message each other. 🙂

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