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5 Awesome Things to Try this Summer


Summer is just around the corner and you know what that means? Beautiful beaches, cold ice cream, warm nights and, for all of our fashionistas out there, spanking new hairdos (yea, we see you!). The only thing that can make this summer even better is a list of fun things to do (and eat!). So here it is. A list of 5 fun things that you should try out this summer.

1. DIY Friendship Bracelets

Your friends will thank you.

DIY Friendship Bracelets

Find instructions here.

2. Fresh Fruit Pops

So do we need to say anything other than “Yum!” and “Get in my belly!” Didn’t think so.

Fresh Fruit Pops

Find recipe here.

3. Watermelon Ice

Because plain ice is s yesterday.


Find recipe here.

4. Beach hairstyles

What’s a beach without waves? No beach at all!

Beach waves

Find instructions here.

5. DIY Pom Pom Beach Shorts

Is it just us or do pom poms make everything looks ten times better?!


Find instructions here.

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