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5 Beautiful Planners That Just Might Change Your Life

With school, work, church, friends, family, etc., it can seem impossible for a girl to get her life in order! The great news is that God created a thing called time so everything doesn’t happen at once (though it may seem that way). Planners are a godsend because they keep your priorities organized so you can be a little less overwhelmed about how all your responsibilities will pan out. Pen and paper will never go out of style, and honestly, writing down your plans is a wise practice. Here are some beautiful planners that get the job done!


1. Memory Planner from Heidi Swapp

Heidi Swapp Memory PlannerHeidi Swapp Memory Planner

Images: Alexes Marie Brown. Buy Heidi Swapp products here.



2. Daily Printable Planner from Brittany Garner Design


Get it here.



3. Simplified Planner from Emily Ley

Emily-Ley-Simplified-Planner Emily-Ley-Simplified-Planner-Inside

Get it here.



4. liveWELL Planner from inkWELL Press

10904016_364764347028135_1802100108491071059_o 10835231_364764343694802_7360008251168579274_o 10887217_364764497028120_6373837599654786925_o

Image: Amanda. Find these here.



5. Purposeful Planner from Corie Clark

Corie Clark Planner best-planners-for-2016-2 best-planners-for-2016-3

Get it here.


There you have it! There are many great planners out there, so find the one that suits you best.

What about you? Do you use a daily planner, and how has it helped you? Comment below!

Image: www.emilyley.com/


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  1. Jade_Bonenfant27

    Posted by Jade_Bonenfant27 on April 7, 2016 at 11:34

    I need this in my life right now!

  2. martial_artist_for_Jesus

    Posted by martial_artist_for_Jesus on April 3, 2016 at 13:42


  3. aggiegirl45

    Posted by aggiegirl45 on March 30, 2016 at 08:31

    I have this yearly goal section in my planner and one of them is what I’m trying to accomplish…but it’s like really hard to. The goal is to stay clean from self harm, but gah…I find that to be one of the hardest goals to accomplish. Nice article btw.

  4. bookprincess

    Posted by bookprincess on March 29, 2016 at 21:50

    Love the last one!

  5. ProverbsChica

    Posted by ProverbsChica on March 29, 2016 at 10:09

    Those look cool! Here’s another great one… actually made by Jamie Grace! 😀

  6. Project Inspired

    Posted by amelia.pond on March 28, 2016 at 13:03

    I’ve heard really good things about the Inkwell Press planner but Yikes! #expen$ive. I’m loving the look of that daily printable planner.