5 Beauty Myths–Fact or Fiction?

    Hi girls! I get a lot of beauty questions from you, many of which stem from common beauty myths. I want to clear things up for you! Here are some of the most frequent beauty statements I see–and whether or not they’re true!

    1. I only need SPF when I’m an adult!  False. Although you don’t have to be perfect about it, start incorporating an SPF lotion in your daily skin care routine now. Thankfully, a lot of makeup and drugstore lotions now contain SPF, but make sure. Anything less than SPF 35 also won’t really protect your skin. It’s also best to stay out of the direct sun between the hours of 10am-2pm when the sun is harshest.
    2. I have oily skin so I don’t need to moisturize! FalseIt took me a long time to realize this wasn’t true–I am definitely prone to breakouts and have oily skin. I always use a moisturizer with SPF under my makeup, and at night I moisturize my face before bed. Your skin needs to stay hydrated, even if you have skin on the more oily side! Also, using a clay mask once or twice a week will help reduce the oil in your skin.
    3. You should wash your hair every day. False! Your hair relies on the natural oils it produces to keep it healthy, strong and shiny. Washing your hair excessively can strip your scalp of these important nutrients causing dry, brittle, damaged hair that won’t grow. I typically wash my hair every other shower so my hair stays soft.
    4. If I shave, my hair will grow back thicker. False! When your hair first grows out, it looks thicker and darker because hair is widest at its base when it is cut. So really, shaving doesn’t change the thickness or color of your hair at all!
    5. I should always leave my blemishes alone! In my personal opinion and experience, yes–90 percent of the time it is best not to pick at your skin so as to reduce scarring and a red mark. However, if your blemish has a white head, then it is ready to come out. When this happens, first warm a washcloth and place it on the pimple for 30 seconds to open up the pore. Then poke it with a sterile needle (very gently) to create a hole that it can come out through. Lightly squeeze until it’s flat and you think you got it out. Then ALWAYS after wipe it clean with the washcloth, and dab benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid on it to treat it. If you don’t have this ready, dabbing a bit of Neosporin will also help heal it.

    If you have any more questions regarding beauty, leave me a comment below so I can either answer here or in the next beauty article!

    Nicole Weider is a Salem, Oregon native who moved to Los Angeles and quickly found success as a fashion model at the age of 17. Today, Nicole is an active wife, mom, producer, actress and author and has made it her mission to share her personal story, the bright moments and the challenges, with young women around the world.


      • shampoo. It’s good to use conditioner each time you wash if your hair doesn’t get oily too much. It’s okay to let your hair get wet in the shower each day, but only wash it every other day or every three days. I only wash mine every three days, sometimes not even that much. I condition it every other time, though, cause my hair is HORRID when I don’t.

        Anyone have tips on how to deal with excessively hard-to-brush hair, or hair that knots easily? My hairs are really fine, but I don’t think that has anything to do with it, and I’m tired of having wispies cause my hair breaks as I try to comb it.

        • Try using Aussie’s leave in conditioner after you shower or before you brush it in the morning. Dove leave in conditioner works well too!

        • I would try deep conditioning once a week, and then use de-tangler spray when you comb your hair. If you force your brush through your hair then you’re going to cause a lot of split ends (I’m sure you already know since you mentioned breaking in your post). When I was in maui because of the salt in the ocean and the humidity in the hair I couldn’t pass a brush through my hair, so I went out and bough de-tangeler and it worked great! I know it seems like a little kid type thing, but some of the best things in life come from childhood!

        • One tip I have for breakage is to NOT comb your hair. I know, that sounds impossible, but ONLY comb your hair in the shower. And the whole “flip-head-upside-down-and-wrap-with-a-towel” is the WORST thing you can do for your hair. Brush it in the shower after conditioning and then leave it, and pat dry. Try that maybe.

      • Like “Dee” said, you shouldn’t really shampoo your hair every time you get in the shower. i have massive curly hair, and can’t comb or put my fingers through my hair unless I constantly use conditioner in the shower, also try using shampoo that’s “sulfate free” it really gets all the grease and grime out but keeps your hair shiny and smooth(:

        • I don’t know about the hair thing but I know that no matter what shampoo I use or how well I wash my hair, it ends up looking incredibly greasy if I don’t wash it everyday. I have shoulder link thick fine hair and while it looks really good, nice and silky and shiny, I still have to wash it everyday. And as for combing it only in the shower, no offence in the least mantha331, but I don’t agree. In all honesty, I think it depends on the individuals hair and what they like to get out of their hair to what they decide to do with it. I wash my hair everyday pretty much with Pantene shampoo that makes my hair silky and shiny and I almost never blow dry it. I spray it with detangular and comb it. If I blow dry it, it looks fantastic when I comb it through with a comb while blow drying it. It all depends on the hair and the person really. Just my long 2 cents. lol. Blessings.

      • @PolkaDotXO Hey! I use this vitamin called: Longer Stronger Hair & Nails. It really helps.. I have to cut my fingernails every week so I think it’s the vitamins! You can find it at Walmart but it is a little pricey. I can tell you though it is so worth it if you’re really interested in it. It also helped my hair like crazy. Definitely the best buy I’ve ever made for my hair and nails. Hope this helped 🙂

        • I use that vitamin too!! I get it from Costco or Sam’s, though, and I think it comes in a pack of two. It does really work. My nails grow like crazy and they are way stronger than they were before because they were weak and split before. I would definitely recommend trying it if you’re willing to pay the price. I’d take two or three a day.

      • It definitely depends on the stage of your life. When I was thirteen until I was fifteen, I had that same issue, but now I can go to every other day (or sometimes, every two days). So maybe it’s touch-and-go for you, or maybe you should try it out for a week (probably in the summer, so you don’t have to worry about going to school with greasy hair :P), and wash your hair every other day, just to give it a shot. I’ve heard that sometimes if you wash it too much, it overreacts and gives out more oils to compensate, but who knows!

      • Meridaoc I have really oily hair, but with time if you only shampoo every other day your scalp is going to get use to it and things will be better. Also don’t condition the hair that touches your scalp, only condition from the base of the head down and that will help a lot too. Also try looking into dry shampoo, and wear your hair up on the second day to help the oil not be noticeable.

        • The point of not washing your hair is to let to natural oils soak into your scalp. If you have naturally greasy hair, you CAN wash every day. Try to look for shampoos that are simple, have fewer ingredients, and are for cleaning hair, rather than “thickening, shine, or hydration.” Go for healthy!

      • same, it just depends on your body’s natural PH levels and your type of hair and your lifestyle! If someone played sports or swam everyday, they’d need to wash it everyday to get the sweat or chlorine out of their hair!!

    1. Awesome tips! I use a Clean and Clear daily cleanser with 10% benzolyte (I think that’s what it’s called) peroxide in it and it’s the only thing that stops my forehead from breaking out after hockey! I’ve used it a week and it’s already working!

      • I live in the desert. And my scalp gets itchy. What I’ve learned is that the more i wash my hair the more my scalp itches and the more oily my hair gets. What happens when you wash your hair to much is that you wash out all of the oils (especially if you take really hot showers in the winter) so your body tries you compensate for the lost oils, which then causes oily hair. A trick I’ve been using that works really well with my hair is mixing a little bit of coconut oil in with my shampoo and leaving it for a minute or two so the oil gets a chance to soak in, then rinse. You can buy a huge tub of it in the cooking isle of walmart. And it’s not real expensive. I also rub some on my skin, after the shower my skin and hair feels so smooth and clean! Hope this helps 🙂

    2. Great article! If I may add on to the shampoo section, as someone with oily hair I’ve been told countless times by my stylist not to condition the scalp hair, only to condition what would come after a pony tail if you pretend that your hair is in one, because you’re natural oils are taking care of what is at your scalp.

    3. About the hair thing, it actually depends on the person and their type of hair! If you have straight hair, yes it’s best typically to wash it every couple days, but if you have curly or thick or frizzy hair then it usually needs to be washed everyday! It all depends on your type of hair! 🙂

      • I’m part Polynesian, so I have really thick, course, frizzy hair and it’s actually much less frizzy the less I wash it. I don’t know about anyone elses hair but with mine, if I was it everyday it takes all of the oils out of my hair, and then i end up with “afro” hair! So i wash my hair every two days. And my Sister has fine, straight hair and needs to wash it every day to every other day because her’s gets oily alot faster than mine. You are right though, it depends on your type of hair. Everyone has to learn what to do and what not to do with thier hair type.

        • Nioxin is shampoo, conditioner and a leave-in product that is great for thin hair. it makes appear thicker :)you can probably check a local salon or maybe even ulta..they might carry it!

      • I have thin hair as well! First of all, theres no way to make our hair look thick. On the other hand, taking biotin (its a vitamin!) and using shampoo infused with biotin can help growth. Also, here’s a hair mask I use: 1 egg yolk, 1 banana, and a teaspoon of mustard powder. (Trust me, it’s probably lost in your spice rack!)

        • One way to make your hair appear thicker is to get it cut into layers. but you do have to be careful with that, because if your layers are too short you will end up with wispies.

      • Nioxin is shampoo, conditioner and a leave-in product that is great for thin hair. it makes appear thicker 🙂 you can probably check a local salon or maybe even ulta..they might carry it!

      • if you get dry shampoo and just spray a little bit of it in your hair right before you style it. it will make it look a little thicker. just don’t use too much or it will make it look greasy.

    4. I am a licensed cosmetologist and I just wanted to put words into this as well!

      As far as SPF in makeup is concerned, even though it states that it has it, there really isn’t any in there. The makeup can’t actually hold an SPF for scientific reasons. I was bummed when I learned this. So it is very important to always put some on before your makeup!

      The oily skin and moisturizer is so true! If you dehydrate your skin, it goes into overload of producing oils..which makes your skin more oily. Keeping your face moisturized will help keep it looking young as you get older too!

      If you have dry hair, you don’t have to shampoo everyday, but you can rinse your hair and them just use conditioner. It will help keep your healthy and soft!

      If you are going to extract your blemishes, wear gloves or make sure your hands are clean! Your hands transfers oils to your face and you can transfer all the bacteria to other places. Or you can even you 2 q-tips after you make a laceration in the white-head, to squeeze the bacteria out! But only do this when you have a white-head, other wise you could cause scarring!

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