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Catch Nicole in Catching Faith 2 now on DVD and streaming!


    5 Beauty Myths–Fact or Fiction?

    Hi girls! I get a lot of beauty questions from you, many of which stem from common beauty myths. I want to clear things up for you! Here are some of the most frequent beauty statements I see–and whether or not they’re true!

    1. I only need SPF when I’m an adult!  False. Although you don’t have to be perfect about it, start incorporating an SPF lotion in your daily skin care routine now. Thankfully, a lot of makeup and drugstore lotions now contain SPF, but make sure. Anything less than SPF 35 also won’t really protect your skin. It’s also best to stay out of the direct sun between the hours of 10am-2pm when the sun is harshest.
    2. I have oily skin so I don’t need to moisturize! FalseIt took me a long time to realize this wasn’t true–I am definitely prone to breakouts and have oily skin. I always use a moisturizer with SPF under my makeup, and at night I moisturize my face before bed. Your skin needs to stay hydrated, even if you have skin on the more oily side! Also, using a clay mask once or twice a week will help reduce the oil in your skin.
    3. You should wash your hair every day. False! Your hair relies on the natural oils it produces to keep it healthy, strong and shiny. Washing your hair excessively can strip your scalp of these important nutrients causing dry, brittle, damaged hair that won’t grow. I typically wash my hair every other shower so my hair stays soft.
    4. If I shave, my hair will grow back thicker. False! When your hair first grows out, it looks thicker and darker because hair is widest at its base when it is cut. So really, shaving doesn’t change the thickness or color of your hair at all!
    5. I should always leave my blemishes alone! In my personal opinion and experience, yes–90 percent of the time it is best not to pick at your skin so as to reduce scarring and a red mark. However, if your blemish has a white head, then it is ready to come out. When this happens, first warm a washcloth and place it on the pimple for 30 seconds to open up the pore. Then poke it with a sterile needle (very gently) to create a hole that it can come out through. Lightly squeeze until it’s flat and you think you got it out. Then ALWAYS after wipe it clean with the washcloth, and dab benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid on it to treat it. If you don’t have this ready, dabbing a bit of Neosporin will also help heal it.

    If you have any more questions regarding beauty, leave me a comment below so I can either answer here or in the next beauty article!

    Nicole Weider is a Salem, Oregon native who moved to Los Angeles and quickly found success as a fashion model at the age of 17. Today, Nicole is an active wife, mom, producer, actress and author and has made it her mission to share her personal story, the bright moments and the challenges, with young women around the world.


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