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Catch Nicole in Catching Faith 2 now on DVD and streaming, buy your copy now!

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    5 Christian Girls You Meet in Youth Group

    You gals seemed to like my post 5 Christian Guys You Meet in Youth Group, so I thought it was time to show you the five girls you meet in youth group. Again, these are meant to be fun and make you laugh!


    1. The Girl with the AWESOME Voice

    This is that girl who seems to just kill it time in and time out to David Crowder’s “Oh How He Loves Us.” She is probably a member of the worship band on Sunday mornings, too.


    2. The Prayer Warrior

    This girl is always there to pray with and for you when you need it. She sends out prayer chain texts and is your go-to when a prayer is answered. What a blessing!


    3. The Volunteer

    This girl is involved in every ministry that your church has to offer. She wants to work in the ministry field and has the gift of a servant’s heart. You secretly wonder if she has some kind of superpower to do all that she does!



    4. The Social Butterfly

    This girl is youth group royalty. She is the girl whom your youth pastor always has to “Shhh!” when it’s time to get into the message. She is also the girl whom all the boys like at summer camp. She’s REALLY good at bringing new fun friends to church!


    5. The World Traveler

    Admit it—in almost every youth group there seems to be that girl who goes on all the missions trips. She has helped lead VBS in Mexico City; she’s helped at an orphanage in Zimbabwe. Every summer or spring break she is going somewhere, all in the name of Christ. Her Instagram account is a must-see to find out what kinds of things she is experiencing this time!

    What do you think? Do any of these girls remind you of yourself? How about your friends?

    Dave Herrmann
    My name is Dave, you may see me writing funny articles on PI or managing the social media accounts. My life is putting Christ first and everything else second. Life is beautiful when we smile and choose a positive attitude. God is good!


    1. Wow. This is cute. ^-^
      I most connect with #3, but I am becoming more social with new people who come into the church. Though, if mission trips were free, that would definitely be me because I want to do foreign missionary work!

    2. I am most definitely #4 the social butterfly. Im super outrageous around my youth group, but it just means that I am comfortable with them 🙂 and Lets just say that all the boys liked me at summer camp or sometime around then…That was fun 😛

    3. In my youth group, I’m actually a leader, not a youth anymore. But they call me the “big sister.” Because I’m the closest to their age as opposed to the other leaders who are old enough to be their parents and grandparents. I act as their spokesperson a lot because I understand what they’re feeling and I can relay it to the other leaders. 🙂

    4. social butterfly for sure… my mom and her bestie are the leaders so uh i guess also volunteer cause my mom makes me most of the time! I love to socialize…. and up to volunteering it depends !

    5. Iiiii guess I’m 1… possibly 2… and is there an item on here for the introverted girl who always comes in with AT LEAST one or two books and a notebook, writes or sketches while everyone else is talking, and avoids sitting directly next to anyone but her closest friends and/or siblings? xD

    6. I’m the shy quiet one who’s the only one who ever bothers to show up for class. Or to church at all. But I guess that comes with the territory of being the only kid in youth group.

    7. I think the closest one to me is the prayer warrior. I’m not necessarily the girl people go to for prayer, but I’m always volunteering to read that weeks Scripture passage or to pray on small groups 🙂

    8. I’m the one with the voice. As much as I might like to obey my introvert tendencies and fade into the background, people are always commenting on my voice. xD Have been for years. It’s flattering, but a little embarrassing sometimes. Maybe the prayer warrior…? But only my closest friends tend to see that side of me. Is there an option for “The One In The Corner Who Always Brings A Book And A Notebook And Prefers To Watch Rather Than Listen”?

    9. I’m a little bit of everything. I sing and play guitar in the youth band, I’m encouraging my friends through their walk with Christ and vice versa, I’m always trying to help the new people fit in and make new friends, I volunteer when I can and I lived as a missionary kid overseas for 13 years, so I guess I don’t necessarily fit into one category fully.

    10. We have “the volunteer” at my church. Any event that the church has for the youth kids or help for the little kids vacation Bible school, shes there. And more often than not she drags me along with her. I don’t mind now that I have more friends within the church family.

    11. Think i’m more like the social buterfly . I’m super friends with the priest who is my confessor so it’s kinda like we never stop talking and i really want to now every one except that the guys are not in love with me ,maybe one or two were .They tend to like the shy ones 😉 . Unfortunately i couldn’t relate to the other girls ,the boy crazy,the iluminated the best friends, the aparently rebel are some of the girls of my group that are missing here

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