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5 Fall Clothing Hauls from YouTube Vloggers

This week, I want to share some YouTube fall clothing hauls from video bloggers, aka “vloggers,” who will cover their favorite store for shopping for that particular season or style. Sometimes the vlogger has a budget they aim for, or they can just try to find cute clothes for that season. This month, since we are in September, I wanted to find some inspiration for new clothing ideas and back-to-school wear.

Below are videos for some fall shopping ideas at some of your favorite stores. Enjoy the shopping, and don’t be shy about trying new colors and styles! Remember, modest is the hottest, and modesty is always in style and is classy. There are some hauls for fall decor in the videos as well. Enjoy! Happy autumn season!


Video 1: Fall Haul Target 2018


Video 2: Fall Haul Walmart 2018


Video 3: Curvy Girl Walmart Fall Haul 2018


Video 4: H&M Haul + New Look


Video 5: Forever 21 and Miscellaneous Fall Haul


PI Girls, what is YOUR favorite store to shop from for fall? Comment below!

Image: StockSnap | Hannah Morgan


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