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5 Handmade Rings That Share Your Faith

Over the last two weeks, we’ve shared some amazing handmade jewelry with you that lets you display your faith. First, we rounded up five Christian-themed necklaces, and last week we shared seven handmade bracelets. Today we want to cover five awesome handmade rings!

While it’s fun to have an assortment of great jewelry at your disposal for accessorizing all of your different and unique outfits, we know how important it is to share your faith with the world, which is why we love finding classic pieces that you can wear every day and let you do just that!

Like we said last week, it’s amazing just how many beautiful and truly thoughtful pieces of Christian jewelry are available, and how many of them are handmade. Buying handmade is great for so many reasons—we love it because it supports local artists and a happy way of life, and helps you maintain a unique look and voice. As we said before, wearing jewelry is a great way for you to express your personality and tastes in addition to your awesome outfits.

Check out our picks for rings below!


psalm ring

This is the perfect, affordable ring for our PI gals! “God Is Within Her, She Will Not Fail” is hand-stamped on the outside and “Psalm 46:5” is also hand-stamped on the inside. (Stampin’ Off the Path, $10)


mustard seed ring

This super unique mustard seed ring is a great way to call to your faith in an understated and different way. Matthew 17:20-21 (Luke 17:6) says, “So Jesus said to them: Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.” (AMW Gallery, $39)


fish ring

Ichthus, which is a Greek word meaning “fish,” is the ancient symbol used in the Christian faith. It was also used as a means of identifying believers in Christ without the need for verbal communication. Pretty cool, right? (Loriely, $30)


cross stacking ring


This set of three sterling silver stacking rings—a hammered cross ring, plus 16- and 18-gauge rope rings—is gorgeous and classic. Each ring is forged, silver soldered and polished by hand, then tumble polished overnight for extra shine and durability. Cross is approximately 1/2 inch tall. (Mountain Metalcraft, $34)


bible verse ring


This pewter hand-stamped bead and wire wrapped ring is handmade in your custom size with an approximately 10mm by 8mm pewter bead and sterling silver filled wire. The bead is hand-stamped with your choice of Bible verse! It can also be made in a black font or left natural. (Simply Charmed, $15)
Which piece is your favorite? Do you wear any Christian jewelry? Where did you get it and how often do you wear it? Tell us in the comments below!

Image: Etsy/Mountain Metalcraft


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  1. hobbithobbithobbit52891

    Posted by hobbithobbithobbit52891 on May 7, 2014 at 16:29

    ok ok i’m getting the first one definitely. DO MORE OF THESE, PLEASE! for me!!

  2. kittenlover13

    Posted by kittenlover13 on May 7, 2014 at 06:00

    I personally really like the plain cross ring. I do wear a cross necklace. I bought the charm at a thing called “Passages”(they’re getting a permanent building in Washington DC, and have fragments of the Dead Sea Scrolls!) for like, $8. I took it home and strung it on elastic. I only take it off when I take a shower or go swimming.