5 Important Signs to Look Out for When Dating Someone

    This is one of the most frequently asked questions by PI Girls! In this video, PI founder Nicole Weider shares five super important signs to look for when dating someone. Check it out!



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    1. This was such a good video! I have a question though…
      I am not allowed to date for another year and a half, so I know it doesn’t really matter now anyway, but my best guy friend and I (he is also a Christian) have started really liking each other. It just kind of naturally flowed from a friendship to a like-manship (lol) mainly because we were so close before anyway. Through watching this video, I’ve seen that he is all of these things. He loves God, and he has grown so much spiritually this past year. He’s very honest, and I’ve seen the true-self that he has spent years putting walls around. He’s also so respectful, just by the way he has been okay with my parents no-dating rule, and he has helped be above-reproach in making sure we don’t give off the persona that we are dating. He also values chivalry as much as I do, and he shows it very well. He is extremely hard-working, and he always has been. He is a ‘cowboy’ and his family has always been hard-working. He gives his heart and soul into everything. We’ve talked about the future a lot, and we have the same vision. We both want to live on a farm someday, with kids, somewhere out in the country with rolling hills and dogs and such. It’s just all fit perfectly, and we weren’t even trying.

      He is all of these things. He keeps saying that he is going to wait for me.. a year and a half is a long time to wait. And even then, our colleges we are going to will be 5 hours away from each other. Now obviously, if this is God’s plan for us, we will be committed to making the long-distance work but my question is this:
      how do I know if this is God’s plan for us? We’ve both been praying about it constantly (separately) and I just feel… I’m not sure if this is the right word but confirmed maybe? I’ve been very content being single, but I can see myself dating him in the future. I can see a future with him, and he can with me. (He’s made that very clear, haha). Any words of advice?
      I know it doesn’t matter now since I can’t date anyway, but I don’t want to get my hopes up.. I don’t want either of our hopes to get up, ya know?
      Thank you

      • That’s really cool and sweet! I think if you have been praying about it, that is the best thing you can do. If you feel like God is telling you that this might be the person he wants you to spend your life with, just keep praying for His help and guidance and He will make possible whatever His plans are for you. It seems like God has really blessed you two with a lot of the same hopes.

        • I’ve been praying about it SO MUCH lately and something that came to mind was “i wouldn’t mind growing old with him” and i prayed about it for days and days and i finally came to the conclusion that i needed to tell him that like, he has always been very good at making his intentions for me clear, but it always catches me off guard, and i know i need to do a better job at telling him what i think so i was giong to then he said he needed to talk to me and so he went first and he said exactly that: “i wouldnt mind growing old with you” and i literally almost cried bc God was speaking to both of us I feel like…

      • Oh my, your description sounds EXACTLY like a special someone I know!! They’re a special kind, aren’t they? 😉
        Well, I would say keep praying. In everything, always, throughout your relationship(s). Ask God to tell you and confirm His answer (He will, so pay attention!) Read the Bible often because that’s one way He speaks to us. Talk to your parents or trusted adult friend/mentor, and ask them their honest opinions of the guy and your situation. Try praying together with him about it if it’s appropriate in your relationship to do so.
        Be patient while God guides you, even if He’s kinda quiet. Focus on being everything God created you to be, and that your future husband (this young man or someone else) needs you to be. Thrive in the place you are now, and trust the Lord will keep you in His perfect will, in His perfect timing. (Proverbs 3:5-6) Hope this helped, God bless!!

        • Yes, they are verrrryyyy special. I’ve been talking about it to lots of older mentors and gotten some really good Godly advice and I’m always praying about it. Thank you!!

    2. Hey, so I have a question. I’m with this really great Christian guy (my best friend… perfect how that worked out!), and we’re totally serious about each other. We agree on main issues, and we seem really perfect together. However, he goes to a Baptist church and I go to a Pentecostal church. If we got married in the future, would this be a problem for us?
      Also, he’s a country guy and I’ve grown up in the city. He plans on living in the country in the future. I’m getting into the whole country thing, but do you think our lifestyles would/could mesh or just be incompatible? Thanks.

      • Now, I’m not in the position to answer your question about your different church issue BUT I do know that yes, there would be a way your lifestyles could mix. You guys could compromise together and live in a small town that is spread apart enough to be “country” but also find somewhere that is close to the city so that you could do all your city-stuff. The guy I like is also a country boy and we live in a small town and i am very much okay with country living but i also want to be able to live at most an hour or two away from a big city bc sometimes you need something from a city

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