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5 Inspiring Stories That Deserve Some Attention

Earthquake survivor Pema Lama is rescued by the Armed Police Force from the collapsed Hilton Hotel six days after Saturday's earthquake, in Kathmandu

Our television screens and social media feeds seem to be flooded with negative images every day. It’s almost impossible to escape stories that will make you cry from sadness or grow red from anger. But we want to change that. Today, we thought it would be nice to highlight some of the inspiring stories from this week that did not get very much attention. These stories, remind us that God is always at work, sometimes we just have to go looking.

So without further ado, here are 5 of the most inspiring stories from around the world:

1. Surprising 18-Cent Church Donation


This past Sunday, a church in North Carolina received a donation that made everyone’s jaw drop. No, it wasn’t a million dollars (although that would be nice). In an envelope, they found 18-cents tucked into an envelop that read, “Please don’t be mad, I don’t have much. I’m homeless. God bless.” Wow, just wow. This man, with barely any clothes to put on his back and no house to call home (besides The Lord’s), gave what little money he had to the church. Not only does that say a lot about his faith, but it shows, that no matter how little you have, you can always give.

Read more here.

2. Man Builds Tiny Home for Homeless Woman


In another display of pure selflessness, a New York City man took it upon himself to build a tiny, curb-side home for a homeless woman, who had taken up residence outside of his home. Whereas someone else may have called the police, this gentleman used it as an opportunity to help out in a major (and tiny!) way. Great job!

Read more here.

3. Clowning Around for a Good Cause

We’ve all been praying for the many lives affected by the Nepal earthquake. However, Ron Fowler took things one step further. He was in the area when the quake occurred and therefore witnessed the wide-spread devastation first hand. In an effort to inspire and uplift people who were frightened and scared to go back into their homes, he put on a balloon show and gave an eye-catching show.

Read more here.

4. Chik-fil-A for the Win!


We don’t really need more reasons to love Chick-fil-A, but one more couldn’t hurt. This week, a mother received a pleasant surprise when she pulled up to the drive-thru of the restaurant to order a meal. After realizing that she did not have her wallet with her, the most amazingly generous thing happened, but we’ll let her tell the story herself:

Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 11.13.35 AM

Restaurants around the world, Chick-fil-A just set the bar really really high. No pressure though.

Read more here.

5. Boy Pulled from Rubble After 5 Days

Earthquake survivor Pema Lama is rescued by the Armed Police Force from the collapsed Hilton Hotel six days after Saturday's earthquake, in Kathmandu
Photo Credit: Sky News

Among all of the stories of mass devastation and death in Nepal, there are signs of hope that work to restore and reaffirm our faith. A few days ago, this young man was pulled out from the rubble, alive, after five days of being buried. Lesson? When you serve an amazing God, all is never lost. There’s always hope.

Read more here.

We want to hear from you now! What’s been the most inspiring story you’ve seen this week?

Image: Sky News


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  1. Project Inspired

    Posted by HisPrincessWarior on May 1, 2015 at 13:12

    okay, seriously!? THANK YOU for this post! I’ve seen about two of them floating around social media, but never checked into them, but was blessed by the short-sweet-to-the-point versions here, plus a few others! THIS encouraged me, after a week of Supreme Court Marriage talk stuff and the Rioting in Baltimore …. >:( This post/compilation was a BLESSING! THANK YOU!