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5 Instagram Accounts to Follow for Nail Inspiration

Do you LOVE doing your nails (or having them done)? It’s a relaxing and fun way to wind down after a long day or before heading out to the beach. It’s also a great activity to do with girlfriends, as you can make the task a bit easier by trading favors and avoiding the dreaded not-my-dominant-hand painting.

As creative and fun as doing your nails can be, it’s hard to come up with new ideas after a while, especially if you’re on the hunt for relatively easy things you can do without a million polish colors or insane art skills. But don’t fret, girls—we have some pretty awesome ideas for you to check out. We’ve hunted down some of the best Instagram accounts to follow for nail inspiration!

Check out the pages below, and tell us your own favorite nail inspirations—whether they’re other Instagram accounts, websites or whatever!



A Christian nail artist based in Glendale, California, says she is “Serving the Lord first, and then serving the Glendale area in Gel Nail Services.” Awesome!



The Nail Room is an authentic Japanese nail art and online shop and blog. Their stuff is sometimes too difficult to try at home, but always inspiring!



This London-based nail salon has tons of try-this-at-home posts!



Get inspired by this New York City shop’s fun and edgy looks.



Sarah comes up with some killer designs and tells you exactly what you need to re-create them!



Image: Thinkstock.com


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  1. Guarded by Angels

    Posted by Guarded by Angels on August 8, 2014 at 06:41

    Cutepolish is really good too. She has YouTube videos to teach people how to do the different designs!