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5 Modest Date Outfit Ideas


With the biggest date night of the year coming up this weekend here are a few modest date outfit ideas! With outfits brought to you by Nicole’s fashion blog Nicole Inspired.


Fancy Dinner – Maybe your date is going to splurge and take you out for a nice meal. Take advantage of it and go for a look to match! A dressy skirt, top, and heels are perfect for the occasion. If you want to dress up or down your look it is all in the accessories.

Modest Date Outfits - Dinner

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Movie – A movie is pretty casual date but so much fun and a tried and true good time. A stylish comfy outfit with a little flash fits the bill. Make sure you bring a cardigan or jacket since the theaters tend to be really cold.

Modest Date Outfit - Movie

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Hike or walk on the beach – Some of the best dates are when you are able to get outside and enjoy nature. Whether you are able to stroll on the beach or trek through the hills go for a sturdy outfit. Jeans, a layered outfit, and walkable shoes will be perfect!

Modest Date Outfits - Walk

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Concert or event – If you are headed to a show make sure your shoes are comfortable and purse is not big incase the venue is crowded. Adding some personality and texture like fringe will give your look an artsy vibe.

Modest Date Outfit - Concert


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Surprise date – If your bae is feeling adventurous and is going to attempt to wow you with mystery plans be ready for anything! Wearing slacks instead of jeans will help if you end up going somewhere nice. A black and white color palate with statement accessories fits almost every occasion. Be sure to bring an extra pair of comfortable shoes incase you end up standing or walking around more than you expected!

Modest Date Outfits - Suprise Date

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Do you have Valentine’s plans! Do you have your outfit picked out?

Which modest date outfit is your favorite?

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Image: Nicole Weider


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  1. MaryTet

    Posted by MaryTet on February 13, 2015 at 11:54

    I plan on babysitting my nephews so my sister and her husband can go out tomorrow.
    So excited 😀