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5 Pink Nail Polishes We Love For Valentine’s Day

Last year, we celebrated Valentine’s Day with a roundup of red nail polishes. This year, we thought we’d continue the tradition…with PINK! Even if you’re not planning on wearing or doing anything special for V-Day this year, it’s fun to theme your nails, and big holidays like this one are the perfect opportunity to do something unique. You can go big with decals and designs, or stay simple with just a single color.

Pink, like red, is great because it’s always appropriate and looks nice with almost anything you wear. With all of the brands and shades out there, you’re sure to find something you like. To help you in your quest for the perfect hue, we’ve rounded up five of our favorite pink nail polishes.


How fun is this shade of pink? Maybelline, known for its “smooth” polishes, is an affordable brand that provides great no-chip nail color with an easy-flow brush. If it’s good enough for New York Fashion Week, it’s good enough for us! (Target, $3)



CoverGirl is easy to find and has tons of shades of pink available. We love this matte shade (called “Everbloom” – adorable!), which is understated and classy but still totally pink! (Target, $5)



This handmade hue (“Desert Rose”) is a beautiful, classic shade of pink. Because this polish is handmade (always a great option–check out the hundreds of pink nail polishes on Etsy!), it is “3-free,” meaning that it doesn’t contain toluene, formaldehyde or dibutyl phthalate! Most common drugstore polishes will and it’s something worth looking into. (Spectrum Cosmetics, $8.50)



Pink not your ideal nail polish color? You can opt for a shade of pink so light it’s basically white! Zoya has tons of options for $9, but this shade called “Portia” is one of our personal favorites.



Love sparkles? This mini bottle lets you really test drive this fun shade without a huge commitment. This particular hue, “Mineral Love,” features a soft pink color with gold flecks. We love Ciate because the brand’s polishes are made without paraben, sulfates or phthalates (Sephora, $8). Willing to spend a bit more? The award-winning brand Illamasqua has an even more gorgeous shade of pale pink with sparkles, and the line is known for its chip-resistant polishes. (Sephora, $18)

Girls, which shade is your favorite? And how will you be doing your nails for Valentine’s Day?

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  1. avengerlover22

    Posted by avengerlover22 on February 13, 2014 at 04:47

    I’ve used Zoya forever!!! I love it soooo much!

  2. his98child

    Posted by his98child on February 12, 2014 at 11:31

    Essie’s Pink Diamond is also a really pretty, pink, and modest color 🙂