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5 Productivity Tips to Keep You Aligned With God’s Purpose

As the new year rolls forward, it’s easy to lose momentum on those big changes you wanted for your life. But this is the time to stay on track! Remember: Every small decision you make—if consistent—results in a big change.

Our priorities and goals should always be aligned with God’s purpose for our lives. But God’s purpose isn’t relegated to church services and altar calls. Every single day, we need to remind ourselves why we are here and saturate our to-do list with the gospel.

Many tips to help boost productivity also work to keep you on track with God’s purpose. Since productivity is simply self-discipline, it can actually be a very spiritual practice! Here are five tips to stay aligned with God’s purpose when you’re struggling to be productive.


1. Plan when you’ll have your quiet time each day.

Our time with God doesn’t happen by accident. Our nature is to put off our time with Him; to resist the silence and quiet necessary to draw near. Since your walk with God determines your success in every other aspect of life, it is imperative that time with Him happen.

By putting your time with God on the calendar—even if it’s a different time each day—you’ll give it the priority it deserves. In turn, your to-do list will proceed from the right motivations.


2. Make a list of your daily priorities.

Starting from your time with God, make a list of your top priorities for the day. If you made goals for the new year, try to create tangible, daily to-dos that relate to your annual goals.

If you aren’t sure where to start with your priorities, read this post.


3. Choose a word for the year.

It doesn’t have to be January 1st for you to choose a word for the year! Whether or not you’re big on setting goals, a word for the year is a great way to keep a theme for your priorities. This is especially helpful when checking your goals and daily commitments against God’s purpose. It is a quick, simple reminder of who you are and where you’re headed.


4. Put away your phone.

Distractions keep us from fulfilling God’s purpose—even good distractions, like friends, work and school. Our phones contribute to much of the stress and drama in our lives. It’s important to take time away from them in order to focus on what God wants from us.

I’ll be writing about this more in the future, but one thing I’ve implemented is a weekly social media fast from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon. My phone stays off this entire time—no texts, no pictures, no responses. This gives me the space I need to focus on God’s calling for me each day.


5. Use mealtimes to check in with God.

Finally, use your meal times to check in on your walk with God. Sometimes we get bored praying over our food, but we can use these times to ask the Lord how we’re doing. Have we been walking out His call? Where could we improve? How can we be more productive in the things He’s called us to complete?

Productivity is only as good as the heart that is submitted to God. Keep perspective by putting God first.

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