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5 Simple Ways to Have the Coziest Bed Ever

Looking for a cozier bed? Here are the small changes that make all the difference. Because after a long day, every girl should get to sleep like a princess.


1. Find feathered or foam pillows. Then go pillow crazy! They might cost a little more than your average pillows, but they also last longer and have a huge texture difference when you hit the sheets. You’ll notice that generic pillows lose their fluff after some time, while these sink right around your head.

Cozy pillows

[Image: Source unknown]


2. Get lost in the snuggest comforter ever. Buy one that actually keeps you warm and insulated well at night, like this one.


[Source: The Yorkshire Linen Co.]


3. Invest in a memory foam mattress pad. No need to get a whole new bed! Foam pads top your mattress and literally mold to the shape of your body. You may never leave your bed again. Can usually be found a little cheaper at your local Walmart, Target or department store.

Memory Foam bed

[Image: Brookstone]


4. Step onto a super fluffy bedside rug. Check out this flokati rug mentioned at Apartment Therapy.

Flokati Rug


5. Hang stringing lights for a dreamy, starlit effect. 


And check out these 40 more ideas with string lights!


And BOOM!—coziest bed ever.

cozy bed

[Image: Teen Times]

Image: http://www.yorkshirelinen.com/


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  1. MaryBean1

    Posted by MaryBean1 on November 15, 2016 at 11:16

    A sweater bed… MMMMM now it just needs some peppermint coffee mixed with a bit of hot chocolate and a great one-on-one devotion!

  2. LB

    Posted by LB on January 27, 2016 at 19:37

    I’m totally going to do this. Thanks for the idea!