5 Things Roma Downey Wants YOU to Know About Faith, “Son of God” and More!

    PI Girls, we know you are so excited about the movie Son of God and the amazing success it’s seeing in the box office. So are we! That’s why we were thrilled to get the opportunity to chat with Roma Downey, actress (she plays Mary in the film) and producer of both Son of God and The Bible miniseries, about faith, the movie, being a teenager and so much more.

    Here are five things Roma Downey wants YOU to know:

    1. My hope is that from Son of God, you’d get a sense of the journey of Jesus’ life. A sense of how loved you are. How valued you are. Even though the movie has got scale, and it’s big and epic, it’s also deeply intimate and very personal. There’s a moment when we see Jesus being handed His cross, and on His hands and His knees, He kisses the cross. If you consider for a moment the possibility that all of us are the cross, and that He chooses out of love to carry us…I think that’s the takeaway.

    2. I had the opportunity to step into playing Mary. I have loved Jesus my whole life and looked at a cross many times, but never fully considered what it might have been like to look at the cross from the eyes of his mother. She’s such a teacher for us in many ways. The lesson Mary reminds us of is that we have to trust God. We don’t always know the road ahead, we don’t know why bad stuff happens, but we just have to trust Him.

    Mary said “yes” to God when the Angel Gabriel came; she said “yes” that she would be the vessel, that she would be the mother of our Savior. In the scene where Jesus falls with the cross, as His mother, she is desperate to connect with him, touch him. Mary’s life becomes a lesson in trusting—she remains at the foot of the cross even when it must have been unbearable for her.

    3. I recently saw this tweet that really spoke to me: “If you feel like you’re drowning on the sea of your life, don’t worry. Your lifeguard walks on water.” And one of my favorite scenes in Son of God is the scene where Jesus comes walking on water. The disciples are huddled, Jesus calls to them and Peter–with a boldness–steps out of the boat. For that moment with his eyes on Jesus, he could have walked over that water.

    I think there are two lessons here: 1. Have a boldness if you feel called. Mark [Burnett, Downey’s husband and co-producer] and I had to step “out of the boat” to make this movie, and when we were called, we had to show obedience. We didn’t know how it would all line up–if you wait for everything to line up, you’d never do anything! You have to step up and trust God. We prayed that the right people would be brought to us–the film certainly wasn’t all ready to start shooting the day we started! 2. Keep your eyes on God. When he started doubting, Peter went under–but the beauty of that is that he went down, and who came and got him? Jesus. That’s the God we love. A God who will reach down and pull us out of the water with the depth of His loving.

    4. Son of God is epic, gritty and everyone looks REAL–you can relate to it and to the characters. The people in the Bible didn’t know they were in the Bible. They were real people with real struggles. They had the same hopes, same heart, same fears and same dreams that you and I have. The only perfect character is Jesus.

    With Son of God, you have the opportunity to experience the story in your community. You can go with your friends and see it together. Sometimes it’s hard to ask a friend to go to church with you, but it’s easy to ask them to a movie. Bring people who don’t know Jesus…it’s a great introduction.

    5. Keep your integrity and keep your faith walk. Have boldness, trust in God and always choose your friends wisely. Friends are like elevators—they take you up and they take you down. You have to be discerning.

    Amen! PI Girls, have you seen Son of God? If so, what did you think of it? If not, do you plan to see it? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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    1. I went to see the movie with the Christ on Campus club at my school. It was SO good!!! It was really cool to see a visual representation of a bunch of the stories in the Bible, and to see how the makers of the movie pictured them. I want to get it on DVD when it comes out 😀

    2. I saw Son of God on Friday night with some of my friends! It was absolutely amazing, and while film may never be able to do the Jesus story justice, it was brilliant. I was very impacted with Diogo Morgado’s performance as Jesus of course, but what really moved me was Roma Downey’s performance as His mother Mary. It really shows how much she suffered in her role in Jesus’ life too- she bore Him for us, and she watched her firstborn Son die on the cross. The relationship that the movie showed between Jesus and His mother really moved me deeply. Thank you so much Roma!

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