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5 Things to Say to the Girl in the Mirror

Your hair won’t curl. Your clothes aren’t fitting. You’re late for school or work and the whole day is ruined before 8 a.m.

If you’ve ever looked into the mirror, tears welling up in your eyes—whether in frustration or sadness—you are not alone. We’ve all had those “mirror moments” where we don’t look the way we wish. The Enemy speaks lies into our ears and—if we’re not careful—we embrace those untruths. Here are five things to speak over yourself the next time those lies resurface.


1. You have nothing to prove.

When Christ became the sacrifice for your sin, He bridged the gap between you and God. Before Him, you could never do or be enough to reach God, even though God desperately wanted a relationship with you! So God sent Jesus to make that possible—to be strong where you were weak, to be pure where you were impure. Because of this, you have nothing to prove. You are free to love and live for Christ without the burden of inadequacy.


2. You are an image-bearer of God.

God made man and woman in His image (Genesis 1:27). But what’s astounding is that woman is not just an image-bearer of God (which is incredible in itself), but the crowning glory of creation. She was made last, the final touch on all God had made. You are an example of God’s creative design and eye for beauty.

If you fill your mind with cultural ideals, however, you won’t embrace who you are in Christ. Look at the media you’re consuming, the people you follow on social media, the magazines you read. Are these helping you embrace who you are, or are they hindering your walk with God?


3. You are a city on a hill.

Jesus said that “a city on a hill cannot be hidden” (Matthew 5:14). The light of Christ is in you. Whether or not you like the spotlight, He is seen in you to the degree you follow Him. As you know Him better and love Him more, His influence pours out of you. Your coworkers, friends and family will see Him in your character. You are a testament to His grace!

This is a big responsibility, but you don’t have to work to get there. You simply have to rest in your relationship with God and allow Him to work in your life.


4. You have a purpose in this world.

When we get distracted by our appearance, we’re usually losing sight of the big picture. Who are we really? Bodies with souls? Or souls housed in temporary bodies? While we should steward our bodies well and treat them as the “temples” they are, our bodies do not define us. We have a purpose in this world far greater than our looks.

By embracing your purpose—to know God and make Him known—you will be secure in yourself and your identity, no matter what you look like.


5. You are the apple of God’s eye.

Finally, you are the very center of God’s vision. Only God is able to look at each of us intently, intimately, lovingly—and have time for every single one of us to be known by Him. That’s incredible! Instead of rehearsing your flaws and failures, rehearse the love of God to yourself. Rehearse His attributes and adore Him.


Say these things to the girl in the mirror, and enter your day with immovable confidence.

Image: Lightstock | Prixel Creative


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  1. Lessthanperfectmorethanloved

    Posted by Lessthanperfectmorethanloved on March 26, 2017 at 06:22

    As a thirteen year old girl I often times cling to the promises of Beauty….. You will have more friends, more followers on social media, boys will take notice of you, etc.. I admit there have been times where I look into the mirror and all I feel is dissapointment, wishing my eyelashes bigger, hair better, and body skinnier. But to be honest is’nt it sad how much we cling to things so temporary? This post is so true and very helpful❤️ It is fun to be pretty and wear stylish clothes, but God does not care what we look like… In 1st Samuel it says that man looks on the outside, but God looks at the heart. My prayer for every woman is that we would stop looking at the mirror and seeing flaws and disappointment but rather look to God and know that HE sees our souls that HE calls beautiful, precious, and loved?
    God bless

  2. ysabel.morris

    Posted by ysabel.morris on February 23, 2017 at 16:31

    All true and beautiful.