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5 Tips for Creating a Christian Online Dating Profile

Our culture has changed so much in recent years. People don’t stay in the same locations as long as they used to; many are busy building their careers; and meeting people outside of work has become increasingly difficult. Given the nature of today’s dating environment, online dating is on the rise.

We’ve talked before about different dating apps and websites on Project Inspired. Today, we’re sharing some practical tips for crafting a Christian online dating profile that represents you accurately and well.


1. Expand your radius.

One objection we receive here at PI regarding online dating is “there aren’t any normal, godly guys in my area.” That’s the glory of online dating—you can meet people outside your area! Expand your radius to include your entire state or (as I personally recommend) your country. Yes, that makes a long-distance relationship much more likely, but it also expands the pool of people you’ll talk to online.


2. Be clear about your beliefs.

When creating your profile, be extremely clear about what you believe and how important your faith is to you. Anyone can list “Christian” on their profile. But simply listing “Christian” leaves a lot unsaid: What denomination? What theological beliefs? Does the person attend church? What’s their daily faith-walk like?

One way to be clear is to state how important your faith is, saying something like: “My faith in Christ is more than a label, it’s a daily relationship. If you are not actively pursuing Christ with your life and heart, we will not be a good match.” This will rule out most people who aren’t serious about their walk with God.


3. Use pictures that reflect all aspects of your life and personality.

Most profiles allow you to upload several photos, but don’t go with seven car selfies. Instead, choose photos that reflect different parts of your life. A good mixture includes:

  • A clear, close photo of your face
  • A picture of you doing something you love (hiking, playing piano, etc.)
  • A photo from a dressy event
  • A candid photo

This will give a well-rounded view of who you are as a person. If every photo is carefully groomed, edited and at the perfect angle, you’re not presenting a realistic view of who you are.


4. Be specific about your interests.

Have you ever tried to make small talk with someone while knowing nothing about them? It’s hard! We need something to “go on” in order to start a conversation. The same goes with your online profile. Rather than share generalities, be specific about your hobbies, music tastes and favorite sports. It’s one thing to say, “I enjoy watching football.” But if you say, “I’m a huge fan of the Green Bay Packers!” you’ve just given your readers more clarity regarding your interests and passions—and a starting point for conversation!


5. Smile while you write!

This is a quick and easy trick that will make your profile more positive: Smile while you write it! This isn’t a job interview. It’s hard to overthink or come off as negative when you’re smiling as you write. Remember that you aren’t determining the whole course of your life through one online dating profile. You’re simply putting yourself in a position to meet guys who follow God. What God does with that is up to Him—not you! That should be a major relief, and will help you enjoy this season without overthinking it too much.


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