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5 Tips for Praying When God Seems Distant

Prayer is such an integral part of our Christian faith, so much so that Jesus taught us how to do it. Prayer is a way of communicating our desires to God. It’s also a way of thanking Him for our blessings and asking Him for forgiveness for our transgressions. Prayer brings us closer to God and strengthens our faith!

There are times, however, when our faith isn’t as strong and God seems so far away. During these times prayer is vital. So, here are five tips for praying when God seems distant.

  1. Understand what scripture teaches us about prayer. For example, Mark 11:24 states the power of our faith in each prayer, Philippians 4:6-7 directs us to pass our concerns on to God via prayer and James 5:16 discusses the prayers of the righteous. Once you understand the power and value of prayer, you can better incorporate it into your daily life.
  2. Pray in peace. It’s not always easy to do this! But as often as you can, at least once a day, try to find a place where you can pray quietly. Whether it means stepping outside to a private spot, taking a walk or hiding in your room, praying in peace will allow you to really focus on what you want to communicate with God.
  3. Take the time. As Christians, we pray many times a day—morning and nighttime prayers, mealtime prayers and fervent prayers for grace, patience or peace throughout the day. But there should be at least one prayer during your day that should take extra time. Some people suggest waking up before others in your home and giving yourself both the peace and the time to really communicate with God. When you give yourself time to pray, you can give yourself fully to God, without interruption and with full, meditative focus.
  4. Listen. Prayer is many things. It’s an opportunity to speak privately with God. But prayer is also a time for listening. When you take that moment to actually connect with God, use some of it to silence your mind and listen. Sometimes we talk too much and never stop to hear a response!
  5. Never give up. Face it: You’re not always going to get what you want, but you will get what you need! So, don’t assume that when you offer a fervent, desperate prayer asking for something, but in vain, that God didn’t respond. Sometimes His answer is not to give you want you want because it’s not what you need. Trust in Him!

Prayer is a powerful way of growing closer to God. Jesus directed us to pray. So, make prayer a norm in your day and consider the tips above to help make each moment with God more meaningful.

Ladies, how important is prayer to you? Does it bring you closer to God?

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  1. Paris

    Posted by Paris on July 12, 2014 at 23:59

    This is the perfect article for where I am in my relationship with God right now. Things have been rocky,but I’m trying my best to get closer to Him everyday,and this article is really going to help me do just that. Thank you so much for writing this Mrs. Gaouette! <3

  2. hannaowlk

    Posted by hannaowlk on June 29, 2014 at 07:45

    This really helped me and its just what I needed 🙂 I think it’s very important to listen to God too because what’s a relationship if only one person talks and one person shares all of their problems and feelings while the others just is helping all the time and isn’t aloud to talk (even though He died for us!) than that’s a horrible relationship. I think as Christians we should sometimes just pray for God not always asking things from Him but simple listening and thanking Him. It’s the least we could do! And I have to say I struggle with being selfish in my prayers a lot but this is so
    Something we all should think about.

  3. Chelsi

    Posted by Chelsi on June 27, 2014 at 05:56

    Thank you a lot for that

  4. aria

    Posted by aria on June 26, 2014 at 18:45

    I have trouble with that, silencing my mind. I try to clear my mind but then I start thinking of a whole bunch of things, I guess I don’t know what it really means to silence my mind or I just don’t know how. And I don’t know how to hear his response or his voice, I feel like I’m doing something wrong when praying or maybe I don’t know how to at all. :/

  5. Keerthi

    Posted by Keerthi on June 24, 2014 at 21:23