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5 Truths for the Type-A Girl

I recently discovered a blog exclusively for Type-A women. I spent over an hour reading articles on organization, list-making and time management—all the things that make my Type-A soul sing!

If you’re an organized girl like me, you might be used to receiving titles like “OCD” or “neat freak.” You might also be frequently misunderstood or even have difficulty understanding others who don’t share your level of motivation.

If this sounds familiar, this post is for you. Here are five truths to keep in mind if you tend toward Type-A.


1. The only one truly in control is Christ.

Type-A girls like to have a sense of control. To us, discipline brings freedom; order reduces stress. While this is great in almost all contexts, it can also hamper our walk with God if not taken in hand.

We all have some control over the circumstances of our life. We should take responsibility for our time and schedules. But the only one truly in control is Christ Himself. When we fail to recognize Him first, our lives become nothing more than a series of to-do lists for Jesus. This misses the point of the relationship with have with God.

Order and control are good in moderation, but they must always remain submitted to God’s ultimate plan.


2. Don’t let the good be the enemy of the best.

I believe there are two types of perfectionists: those who want perfection in quality and those who want perfection in quantity. I am one of the latter—the more I produce, the faster I get things done, the happier I am. Unfortunately, I sometimes let the “good” of getting my list done prevent the “best” of a godly attitude.

It is good to be industrious, motivated and organized—but only if you can do so with a heart that honors God. Don’t let good things stand in the way of God’s intentions for your life.


3. Disorganized people will always be part of your life.

What comes easily to a Type-A woman will not come as easily to others. You will always have coworkers, friends, family members and maybe even a spouse who is not as put-together as you are. But just because they aren’t as organized doesn’t mean they aren’t contributing to the world. Like we talked about in the post about introverts, Type-B people still offer a lot to their communities—it just looks different.

Learn to show grace to disorganized people. You don’t have to change your personal habits and convictions to do this! Be understanding, offer advice when asked and be gracious with those who have to work harder to be organized.


4. Schedules are only beneficial if they help you get things done.

Schedules and lists are awesome. I love them, and you probably do, too. But they are only beneficial if they are a tool, not the end in itself. Our daily routines are meant to help us stress less and love more. If those things aren’t happening, what good is your schedule?

Evaluate your daily priorities in light of God’s Word. Determine what is important and what is only urgent—because there is a difference! And if you need a step-by-step tutorial on creating a daily routine with Christ in mind, read more here.


5. You have a lot to offer God’s kingdom—make the most of it!

Type-A women have a lot to offer God’s kingdom. Many of you are natural leaders who can handle a lot of time commitments with grace. But always be on the lookout against pride and self-sufficiency! These will destroy your effectiveness for God’s kingdom and prevent a fruitful work for His name.

Use your God-given skills to bless your family, friends and workplace. Embrace who you are. Don’t apologize for being organized! But take this personality and put it to work for the sake of the gospel.


Do you have a “Type A” personality?

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  1. SuperGirl33

    Posted by SuperGirl33 on February 21, 2017 at 06:20

    I’m type A and I love this article!! ☺♥ Very useful! 😀