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5 Ways to Bring Christ into the Conversation


Always be ready to make your defense to anyone who demands from you an accounting for the hope that is in you. (1 Peter 3:15)

Ladies, God belongs in most conversations because, as Christians, our lives revolve around Him, right? So, you’d think that because of this, it would be easy to bring Him into conversations. Well, when you’re speaking with your equally devoted Christian friends, this should be easy. But what about when you’re not? What about when you’re speaking with a lukewarm Christian or even a nonbeliever? Then what?

Evangelizing isn’t as easy as it may seem. And bringing up Christ in a conversation can be a challenge in itself. But as Christians, we’re called to share God’s Word.

If you struggle with bringing Christ into conversations, try these five tips.

  1. Let people see Christ in you. This is the best way to bring Christ into any conversation. When people see Christ in the way that you speak and act, it’s not just inspiring—it creates curiosity. People want to know more because they see how a true Christian behaves. So be the light.
  2. Be casual. Just as you make Christ a part of your day, make Him part of your everyday conversation. For example, saying, “I guess I’ll pray about it” when discussing a test, or “Wow, what a day God blessed us with, huh?” when bumping into a friend, or “All glory goes to Him” when someone compliments you, are all casual ways of bring Christ into the conversation. Don’t be afraid to mention His name for fear of upsetting someone in the group. If Christ is your life and you live for Him, then it only makes sense that you would mention Him, right? So whether you’re praising God, giving Him credit or discussing faith-based activities in your conversations, be comfortable and casual when you mention Him.
  3. Be positive. Don’t bring up Christ in a way that puts someone else to shame or makes them feel guilty. For example, saying, “I’m a follower of Christ, so I wouldn’t wear a dress like that” is just a rude and unchristian way to introduce your Savior. If it makes you look bad, others will think the same of you and blame it on your faith. So, be positive in your inclusion of Christ, and make sure that whatever you say will get others excited, curious and interested in learning more about your faith.
  4. Don’t elevate your position as a Christian. Granted, being a strong and devoted Christian does make you different. Scripture says that you’re a light. And you may feel that you’re different because you have come to know God and you feel His love, but God’s arms are open to everyone. So don’t speak of Christ as if He’s exclusively yours. Saying things like “I’m favored by God” only makes others feel left out. So let everyone you talk to about Christ know that He is theirs also.
  5. Don’t be fake. Don’t try to twist every sentence so that it focuses on Christ in a way that is aggressive. And don’t keep resorting back to Him if the people you’re taking to keep changing the subject. This will make the conversation seem fake and give others the impression that you’re on a mission to convert them.

Some people would say that you shouldn’t push God onto other people, but when someone influences your life and inspires your every act, wouldn’t you mention that person? You would do the same if you were inspired by that friend. Well, guess what? God is your best friend, so feel comfortable praising Him and glorifying Him. Just be sure to do it in a positive way.

Ladies, how do you bring Christ into the conversation?

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  1. koliver195

    Posted by koliver195 on April 6, 2015 at 22:56

    I love this post everything that was mentioned I try to do everyday by being a light in the dark. God is the only thing I need in life!

  2. Project Inspired

    Posted by airoterp on February 6, 2015 at 21:02

    Thank you so much for writing this article, it was just what I needed!