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5 Ways to Make This School Year Your Best Ever

Whether you’re headed to campus for the first time or returning for yet another year—high school or college—this year can truly be your best one ever at school! There will certainly be days that are better than others; there will still be deadlines and assignments, difficult relationships and tough professors. But this year can still be one of success, peace and stability—something to look back on with pride and satisfaction.

The making of a good year is less about chance and more about intention. How you manage your time and relationships has much to do with the course of your days! Following are five things you can do to truly improve this school year over the last year.


1. Get Serious About Your Study Habits

When you think of college—or the return to high school—academics might not top the list. Social events and friends probably do! But before you overcommit to extracurricular activities, groups and clubs, remember why you’re in school: to study and to learn! There WILL be time for social events. You will still be able to hang out with friends! But be sure to prioritize your academics. Your high school academics pave the way to scholarships and college opportunities; your college academics bolster your resume and open doors to your career. One day you’ll no longer be hitting the books, but for now, make the most of this time. Learn to study well. Get a tutor if you need to, and make time for learning.


2. Plug Into a Local Church

Your local church is one of the most important forms of accountability you will have from high school through college. If you’re headed to college, you might not know where to start with finding a church, so check out two or three. Get to know their college ministry, and find ways to serve as often as you can with your class schedule. By connecting with a church and building relationships with the people there, you’ll be far less lonely and have people to go to when difficult situations arise.


3. Get to Know the Girls in Your Hall

If you’re in college, get to know the girls in your dorm or hall. It’s easy to hole up with your roommate or your previously established friends, especially when you’re returning to campus. But take the time to really know the girls in the rooms next door. During my freshman year, my next door neighbor was a girl I didn’t know super well—but she became one of my best friends, my roommate and eventually my one of my bridesmaids! Don’t miss out on the relationships that are right under your nose.


4. Make Time for the Things You Love

In all this academic pursuit and relationship building, don’t forget to take time for yourself. That might mean being alone for a while—going for a run, taking a weekend at home or cultivating a hobby. If you never take time for the things you’re passionate about, you’ll burn out under the demands of school and social life. Be sure to rest and rejuvenate each week.

Also be sure to make time for the Lord. If you don’t “love” doing this, ask the Lord to help you desire His Word! He will grant that desire and equip you through your time with Him to face whatever comes your way this school year.


5. Read a Book That’s Not Assigned

Last, try to make time to read one book that’s not assigned reading this school year! It might just be one book for both semesters, or maybe more if you’re a speed reader. When you’re up to your ears in textbooks, it can be hard to see those fun books go unread. So make time to read a little for fun here and there.


What are your recommendations for a great school year? Share in the comments!

Image: Lightstock | Josh Boston


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