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5 Ways to “Spring Clean” Your Life

Has your family ever roped you into “spring cleaning”? You open the windows, rearrange the rooms, and mop, dust and vacuum your way through the day! Spring cleaning is like a deep clean to welcome the new season.

Sometimes, that’s exactly what we need in our lives: a deep clean to welcome a new season! Whether you’re post-breakup, finishing up the semester or about to head to college in the fall, starting fresh in a new season (whether a life change or just a literal season change, like spring to summer) is a great way to make the transition a smooth one. Here are five ways you can “spring clean” your life this year.


1. Set Boundaries on Technology

Nothing refreshes my mind more than taking a break from my phone and social media. I didn’t realize how “clogged” my mind felt until I started taking weekly breaks from my phone (I turn it off every Sunday). You might not be ready for a daylong break every week, but it is healthy to set boundaries on technology. This might be as simple as waiting until an hour after you wake to check it, or turning off your phone an hour before bed. If you are constantly attached to social media, set clear boundaries on when you use it and why.


2. Choose a Day for Sabbath Rest

As I mentioned, I take Sundays away from my phone and try to set limits on my computer, too. But Sundays might not be your day (maybe you work!). Instead, choose another day of the week to take breaks, rest and focus on the people who matter most. This will rejuvenate your soul for the demands of your week.

Rest is not the same as leisure, though. This doesn’t mean dedicating a day to Netflix, which you can watch any weeknight evening. This should be a time to take a break from the hectic pace of life and devote time to slower, quieter things, like reading, baking, preparing for the week ahead, devotions, prayer and time with friends.


3. Declutter Your Social Media

Do you have a ton of Facebook groups you never check? How about friends on Facebook who aren’t actually friends, or Instagram follows you don’t care about? Go through and delete, unfollow and clean out your social media! You will be shocked at how much lighter your mind feels to have only the things you want in your feeds.


4. Prioritize Your Time With God

If you’ve been slipping in your time with God, this is the season to rededicate and come up with a plan for when you’ll read the Word. It might help you to choose a Bible reading plan; the YouVersion app keeps you accountable by having you check off each day’s reading, and you can even invite people to your plan so they can see how many days you’ve missed!

Making time for the Lord is the most important part of this, because you can’t bring your life “under control” without Him! Only He can help you determine what to prioritize and how to move forward into this season.


5. Put Down Roots in Community

Lastly, look for ways to truly invest in your community. If you don’t have a church, start visiting! It might take a few tries, but finding that godly community is SO important to your spiritual growth and developing those friendships you need. You can also look for volunteer opportunities, clubs or groups to join, new hobbies to try and events to attend. By investing in your community you’ll feel more fulfilled and develop relationships that make you feel known.


Are you making any big life changes in this season? Let us know! No matter how you’re “spring cleaning” your life, we would love to hear what’s working for you and how you’re becoming a better version of yourself this year.

Image: Lightstock | Prixel Creative


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  1. syddlebugz

    Posted by syddlebugz on April 4, 2018 at 09:59

    I’m trying to work on fitting time for God. It seems that I drifted away from God so my goal is to fit time for him and build my relationship up. I will do anything to fit him in!
    This spring cleaning post gave me some ideas on how to do that! Thank you!