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5 Ways to Stay Strong in Your Faith at College

College can sometimes be tough on our beliefs. For starters, it’s the first time we’re truly on our own and Sundays are usually a day full of homework and SLEEP. However, we need to stay strong in our beliefs. Try these five ways to stay strong in your faith at college:

1. Seek out a church that fits your needs. Do you find God the most in worship? Find a church that rocks it at worship. Do you find God the most in sermons? Find a pastor who really speaks to you. When we find a church that fits our needs, we’ve found a home. That way, on Sunday mornings we’ll skip “bedside Baptist” and actually go to church.

2. Seek out friends with a similar faith background. One of the most important things in college with regard to staying strong in your faith is the community you surround yourself with. Where your community is, that’s where your heart may go. Find a group of people you can turn to for prayer and advice.

3. Find a mentor. Now this one may be a bit harder. Seek out someone older than you who can challenge you and help you along your journey. This should be a person you’re 100 percent comfortable with as you may discuss things that are very uncomfortable.

4. Find time to read the Word DAILY. We can’t emphasize this one enough here at PI. For when our heart is focused on God, our heart is focused on the right thing. If you find worry or anxiety seeping into your life, stop what you’re doing and look to the Word. Memorize scripture—it’s a great way to stay strong.

5. Join a community group or Bible study ASAP. Similar to #2. Maybe your college has faith clubs. We can almost guarantee they do. If you’re at a Christian college, well, your whole school is one big faith club! For those at state schools or other public institutions, seek out these clubs. It’s a great way to fill your nights or weekends with a group of individuals committed to living a life for Christ.

This isn’t the definitive list, of course. Share with us below how YOU have found ways to stay strong in your faith at college!

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  1. May All Your Bacon Burn

    Posted by May All Your Bacon Burn on October 22, 2014 at 21:23

    I have to say this year has been much better since I’m going to more meetings with the college’s Christian community group 🙂 Although I’ve been reading my daily devotional Bible every day, I’ve found myself stumped in my actual Bible. I know all the messages in the Bible are important, but I keep on getting caught up in the dark, almost hateful passages throughout the Old Testament to the point I don’t even want to read it, even when I supplement it with some more reassuring passages from later on :/ Do you have any suggestions?

    • May All Your Bacon Burn

      Posted by May All Your Bacon Burn on October 22, 2014 at 21:25

      Some of the dark, almost hateful passages**

      Obviously there are many bright, inspiring ones in the Old Testament as well. It’s the other ones that are throwing me, though…

  2. jesusgirl7736

    Posted by jesusgirl7736 on October 22, 2014 at 18:27

    Thank you for writing this post I needed it. Lately I’ve been struggling with school and work. Because no one at my job is a Christian except for me. And working with kids isn’t as easy as it looks. I’ve been trying to balance going to school and keeping up with work everyday except for the weekends. And trying to find time to stay in the Word. I’m just asking for prayer if anyone wants to pray I need it. Thanks again