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6 Bible Study Tips for Busy People

I’m perched here at my high-top table with an “I Love Coffee” mug. It’s nice to stop running around, if only for a minute. Life never seems to slow down, does it?

The hardest part is trying to make time—let alone brain space!—for Bible study. I know spending time with my heavenly Father is the most important thing, but I have to admit: Some days I treat it like a chore to check off my to-do list. Ever been there?

Here’s the beautiful thing: Even a short time with God can turn your whole day around! It reminds me of Jesus feeding 5,000 people with five loaves and two fish—the offering seemed too small to make a difference, but when God got hold of it, the impact was staggering.

So grab your own cup of coffee or tea, find a quiet space, and ask the Lord to open your mind and heart to His Word. Spend a minute just being quiet before Him to still your mind from all its whirling and twirling. Then try out some of these Bible study tips you can fit into your busy schedule.


1. Try reading verses rather than chapters.

I’ve always liked to work my way through the Bible one book at a time, for the sake of context. The only problem was that I used to feel guilty if I didn’t read at least one chapter a day. It took me a while to start focusing on smaller chunks. The beauty of reading just a few verses a day is that I can digest them more fully and soak in them all day. How? Keep reading….


2. Use multiple translations.

Try reading that “small chunk” in two Bible translations. I particularly like to do this with a literal translation (e.g., NKJV, NIV, ESV) and then with a paraphrase version (e.g., The Message). Reading in two very different translations makes the passage take on new meaning!


3. Meditate on the passage.

Next, find one or two verses that particularly stand out to you, and spend several minutes thinking and praying about them. Reread the words and let them run through your mind over and over while asking God to remind you of related Scriptures. Keep thinking back to those verses all day long, letting them marinate your soul.


4. Memorize a verse.

One way to soak in a verse all day is to memorize it. Actually, my mom likes to do this with whole chapters of the Bible on her morning walks. She memorizes one more verse each day and practices the whole chapter while walking. Talk about getting God’s Word in your heart!


5. Check out The Bible Project.

Speaking of context, The Bible Project creates short YouTube videos that share the overarching theme and message of each book of the Bible. This is a wonderful way to get the big picture of the whole Bible—and the book you’re currently reading—as one cohesive narrative!


6. Supplement your reading with a devotional like His Princess: Love Letters from Your King.

This breathtaking devotional has strengthened my heart through so many seasons. In each short devotional, the author takes several Scripture verses and puts them in her own words. I love reading it first thing in the morning or last thing at night, as it leaves my heart feeling fully spoken for by my King.


What about you? What helps you connect with God on really busy days?

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  1. marisa145

    Posted by marisa145 on September 19, 2016 at 13:51

    Use a devotional app! I know sometimes for me it’s hard to map out time in the morning sit down and read my physical bible or devotional but I can surely read a devotional and the Bible through an app on my phone on the bus ride to school! I recommend SheReadsTruth. So many good studies (and some of them are free). It also has a bible tab with all kinds of different translations.

    • TiffanyDawn

      Posted by TiffanyDawn on June 15, 2017 at 07:40

      Oh that’s such a great idea!! I’ve heard so many great things about SheReadsTruth. Thank you for sharing this!!