6 Floor Length Dresses to Rock at Prom

    Last week when we shared our favorite knee length prom dresses, several girls requested that we round up some floor length options. Long dresses are definitely a popular prom choice–the longer length has a more formal feel than shorter styles.

    Not into these particular picks? Jenna-worthit13 made a great point in the comments when she said she got her dress at Goodwill for $20. Buying used is an awesome option–try searching through thrift stores and secondhand shops like Plato’s Closet for your dream dress! Post-prom, remember that there are places online where you can sell your used dress or donate it to a local organization.

    Check out our six picks for longer prom dresses below!

    Screen Shot 2013-03-23 at 3.34.31 AM

    This gorgeous strapless, taffeta gown has a rhinestone belt along the waist, layers of pleating and a bow that ties at the center back. We love the shape and how über-dressy it is. You’ll feel like you’re at the Oscars! Not comfortable with strapless dresses? A simple, cropped cardigan can solve that problem. (Unique Vintage, $39)

    Screen Shot 2013-03-23 at 3.33.41 AM

    Blue is popular prom choice, and we love the cheery tone of this particular shade. The flattering mermaid style may look a little uncomfortable, but is actually great to dance in because of the full bottom. We love the tulle peaking out in the skirt of this taffeta creation, plus the mismatched floral and thin straps. (Unique Vintage, $69)

    Screen Shot 2013-03-23 at 3.34.20 AM

    Like a more flowing dress? A Grecian style might be a good choice for you. This gown has an empire waistline, beaded collar neckline and flattering, gathered bodice. Not into classic black? They also have the dress in royal blue. (Unique Vintage, $59)

    Screen Shot 2013-03-23 at 3.36.34 AM

    Like a really romantic look? We adore the soft shade of purple, the asymmetrical ruffles at the skirt and blinged-out bodice on this spaghetti-strap gown. (Macy’s, $68)

    Screen Shot 2013-03-23 at 3.36.22 AM


    While white might be too bridal for some, it’s a popular formal color choice that looks stunning on dark-haired girls. This sweetly romantic halter dress features beaded trim along the neckline and a short waterfall gather at the middle. (JCPenney, $45)

    Screen Shot 2013-03-23 at 3.34.01 AM

    … and one more, for the girls with a little bit of spunk. You would definitely turn heads in this dress, which features large, colorful sequins throughout and a purple chiffon empire waistline. It’s not for everyone, but perfect for the right gal! (Unique Vintage, $69)

    Which dress is your favorite? Do you already have your prom dress picked out? Tell us about it in the comments!

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        • I am a homeschooler too, and I am hosting a little prom at my house!!! 🙂 just a few of my friends, I chose I theme and we are going to dance old-tyme style (waltz, swing, reel) and play games! we are even gonna have a prom queen

        • Homeschoolers are able to go to public school proms with their friends who are public schooled (at least where I live). There’s also a homeschool prom in my city where public school friends can join if they want (waltz, swing, and reels–no creepiness):)

      • We have a homeschool Prom in our city, and everyone invites there friends that are homeschooled, then w=they invite there homeschooled friends… And it goes on. 🙂 This is my first time going to it though!

    1. I really love the purple one and the last one is really original, but not exactly something I would choose. I like simpler looks, but like @lotr1997 I am homeschooled, so I don’t get to wear one.

    2. I love all of those dresses. I feel I prefer full-length dresses to knee-length. Knee-length dresses are harder to find. Long dresses are more modest most times because the length isn’t as much of a worry(unless the dress includes a slit.)

    3. I love the lavender one. It’s so soft and pretty.
      Also, for girls that aren’t comfortable with strapless but don’t like the look of a cardigan with prom – you could get the dress altered. A seamstress could take a little fabric off the bottom to make straps. Personally, I’d rather pay to get straps added then buy a cardigan, but either way works!

    4. I’m homeschooled, so unfortunately I don’t get prom (and my homeschool group doesn’t do one). But if I did, I would choose either the first one (in a different color) or the lavender one. 🙂

    5. I love the purple one and the last poka dotted one! They are both so different but so beautiful! I am homeschooled as well but one of my good guy friends just asked me to go to his prom with him so I get to find a dress! We are only going as friends and we are both very clear on that. But I am so excited! Can you post your favorite prom hairstyles as well pretty please?!

    6. We have a Prom and 9th – 12th can go. We even have have Prom committee, Prom court, and over 100 people attend. Can’t wait for this year cause I’m on both Prom court and committee! 🙂 God has totally blessed us with this!

    7. I so want the 4th dress.. But I’m homeSchooled.. And I never like the poem thing:/ And even if I would have stayed in regular school I still would not go to poem:P
      I just get to dress to be getting it I mean maybe I’ll be IN a wedding soon. Yup I think thats a good enough excuse to get that dress. 🙂

    8. They’re all so pretty! I’m going to 2 proms, and I have 2 dresses, both blue. One is a baby blue, full length gown, with one shoulder strap, and it’s very flowey with a bit of sparkle. The other is more of a royal blue strapless A-line, with silver beading at the top. I’m very excited for prom! Both dresses make me feel beautiful, and I’m comfortable in them. 🙂

      • I’m actually homeschooled as well. (Surprise surprise!) However, I take a couple classes at the local high school so I can take music, and get my science lab credits. Because of that, I can go to prom. However, I feel your pain, gals! I know hos much it sucks to be excluded from stuff like this. 🙁

    9. I like the black one and I really like the purple one! They’re both gorgeous but I don’t think I’d wear either one to a formal. I’m pretty short and don’t know how to hem a dress sooo…knee length is much easier for me!

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