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6 Instagram Accounts We Think You Should Follow

We love Instagram at Project Inspired! Just a selfish plug real quick…follow us here.

Okay, now that we have that out of the way, we want to showcase some of our personal favorite Instagram accounts to follow. These accounts just give us the laughter, encouragement and community we love about social networking. So get following now!



Why we like it: We’ve talked about the guy behind the oh-so hilarious Twitter account, but Luke has another side to him. He’s really encouraging and writes long-form posts that are perfect for his audience: YOU.

One thing you see a lot of on social media is dissatisfaction. Our generation is so unimpressed with ourselves. We display our brokenness by trying to mend the dissatisfaction in our lives. We try to remedy our appearance to a broken world by partaking in the trivial things of this broken world. It’s unfortunate, really. The world tells women they are more attractive if they put more work into a temporary body than they do into an eternal soul, but this is a lie. The world tells men that the measure of a man is the amount of beers he can drink and the amount of women he has slept with, but this is a lie. The world tells a woman that her beauty and worth is in a number of likes, but this is a lie.The world tells a man he’s only a man if he wins arguments and fights, but this is a lie. We’re interested in what appears perfect instead of what is real, and we’d rather say what sounds best instead of what is right. We like our pictures sharp, the colors bright, and the perfect filter. The only filter for your brokenness and for this world’s brokenness, is the cross and the perfect blood of Jesus. Don’t break yourself further by trying to impress a broken world. Let God work in and through you, let Him impress the world using you as an illustration of His love, grace, mercy, and goodness. That’s impressive, that is where you find your wholeness. Don’t get burnt out because you feel the need to appear perfect. A lot of times we don’t realize dissatisfaction is burning us out until we’re in the midst of a full blown fire. Get up, and go walk the peaceful shores of His love and grace. Watch what He can do with your life when you turn it over to Him. Thanks for reading guys! Don’t forget my first YouTube video is up, workin on another soon. Be sure to subscribe! Link in bio.

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Why we like it: We love this account because it shows the real human element of life. We all have stories, we’re all struggling in some way. This account puts stories to the faces we see day in and day out. It helps us realize there is a HUGE world out there that needs Jesus.



Why we like it: It’s both a call for praise and a call for prayer. This feed is a reminder that we live in a small world and we can impact it in the name of Jesus.



Why we like it: Who DOESN’T love this kid? He just puts a smile on our faces.

Be cool, everybody. A photo posted by Kid President Official! (@iamkidpresident) on



Why we like it: Bethany is real. Bethany is honest. We can’t help but love the beautiful feed of her adventures. Her encouragement is so raw and genuine.


Why we like it: I think it’s pretty safe to say that Jamie is just a simple girl doing awesome things. She’s brutally honest, and that’s why we like this account and think you will, too!


WHO did we miss? 

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