7 Books to Take You Deeper Into Your Faith

    Is one of your resolutions for this year to dive deeper into your faith? If so, we suggest reading some of these books for new perspectives and insights into what we believe and why we believe it.


    1. Jesus Is ______ by Judah Smith

    “We have got to get the message out that church is NOT a citadel for morally sound and disciplined people; it is an emergency room for people who are honest about their errors, their mistakes and their flaws.” —Judah Smith

    Smith is the lead pastor of The City Church in Seattle. This book jumps right into exploring the man Jesus was and why we should follow him. Highly recommended for those looking to thoroughly explore the Gospels.


    2. Crazy Love by Francis Chan

    A phenomenal book to challenge you this new year. It will ask tough questions. It will change you and your faith. We recommend taking this one into a small group setting with a few friends to discuss each chapter more deeply.


    3. Jesus Daily: 365 Interactive Devotions

    From the popular Jesus Daily Facebook page comes this new interactive devotional perfect for those connected people (that’s you). These quick daily devotional pieces will help you understand scriptures even more and give you a thought for the day.


    4. Mere Christianity by C. S. Lewis

    No list should be void of C. S. Lewis, and certainly it would be a disservice to do that here. Mere Christianity is a tough read. But it’s also one of the most influential books of the 20th century. This book explores the rationale for Christianity and dives deep—way, way deep—into the faith. If you’re a deep thinker and haven’t read this yet, you’re in for a fun and insightful treat.


    5. Desiring God by John Piper

    Struggling to find joy in your Christian walk? Then look no further than Desiring God by John Piper. A fantastic plunge into finding joy in Christ.


    6. Dug Down Deep by Joshua Harris

    If you’re looking for a book that will help you go deeper into your thinking and understanding of the Scriptures, this book is for you. We highly recommend this if you’re ready for a ride…a “faith ride.”


    7. The Cost of Discipleship by Dietrich Bonhoeffer

    This one is for those who feel they need to reignite that fire within them for Christ. For those who want real thoughts and discussions about Biblical scripture. For those who want to read arguably one of the most profound books of the 20th century, pick up a copy of this powerful book today.


    This list isn’t the definitive one by any means, but it’s a good place to start. What other Christian books have you read that you think should be added?

    Dave Herrmann
    My name is Dave, you may see me writing funny articles on PI or managing the social media accounts. My life is putting Christ first and everything else second. Life is beautiful when we smile and choose a positive attitude. God is good!


    1. It’s not your typical Christian book for seeking faith, BUT… when I read Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers, it really made my faith so much stronger. It’s definitely a must read for ALL young women. 🙂

      • YESSSSS! I am sorry but YES! Francis Rivers is an amazing Christian author. One who makes you think about your own life and faith, and ways on how to become a better Christian. Though she is a Christian author and all, I would recommend it for older girls (late teens, young adults, even older.) And not so much for younger girls. Her books do talk about quite a few things that girls may I say blush at. When I started reading her books (first book was the Atonement Child), I was questioning if I should even read that. I continued reading her books because she talks about real life problems and situations, and she is how her characters overcome these things with God.

      • 😀 Haven’t read it yet, but my mom is an uber-busy, never-stops, homeschooling mother of 6, and I watched as she DEVOURED that book a few summers ago- the only book I’ve ever seen her finish! lol
        And I had a pastor’s wife/mentor tell me (while I was stil in highschool) that once I was older (maybe married, she said? lol) more mature, I needed to read that book at least once <3 🙂

      • I LOVE that book! It’s really good! And yeah, I agree it deals with some mature issues so be aware… but it’s amazing! I read it when I was 15, but I think the acceptable age to read it differs from person to person.

    2. Jesus Is ____. by Judah Smith is a great book!! And so is Alter Ego by Craig Groeschel!! They both really open up your eyes to who you are in Christ. Your outlook on life will be changed indefinitely.

    3. Graffiti by Erin Davis. Erin’s book has helped so much! It talks about true beauty and how the “graffiti” in our lives can be the most beautiful. Another is A Higher Ransom by Aleigha C. Iserael . In this book it’s a fictional story ,but it’s kinda based off the story of Easter. And finally beautiful me by Stasi Eldredge. It’s a devotional for helping you through different stages of life.

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