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7 Cute and Simple DIY Christmas Treats That Everyone Will Love

Whether you’re looking for creative holiday treats to bring to your next get-together or simply want to get festive at home—we’ve got you covered! Here are seven cute and easy recipes we’re loving on Pinterest right now!


1. Christmas Tree Brownies via Debbie Chapman

Click here to see the tutorial!


2. Melting Snowman Oreo Balls via Christy Denney

Click here to see the tutorial!


3. Easy Christmas Kabobs via Suburban Simplicity

Click here to see the original tutorial!


4. White Chocolate Christmas Pretzels via Baked Perfection

Click here for the original tutorial!


5. Christmas Tree Cookie Stacks via Delish

Click here for this tutorial!


6. Marshmallow Reindeer Pops via Brenda Soto

Click here to watch the full tutorial!


7. Santa Oreos via Positively Splendid

Click here to get the full tutorial!

Image: Lightstock | brightside_art


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