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7 Delicious Microwavable Meals Every College Girl Should Know

Coming up with solid meals while living the college dorm life can be the ultimate struggle—but it doesn’t have to be! Here are a few simple yet delicious microwavable meals you can try the next time you’re lost on ideas.


1. Banana French Toast via Society 19


2. Microwave Meal-Prep Lasagna via Tasty


3. Omelet in a Mug via Awesomeness TV


4. Ultimate Pizza Quesadilla via Life a Little Brighter


5. Easy Microwave Chicken Enchiladas via TableSpoonRecipes


6. Thanksgiving Dinner in a Microwave via Buzzfeed Video

7. One-Minute Mug Cakes via Gemma Stafford


These all look so good, don’t they? Which one will you try next? Comment below!

Image: YouTube | AwesomenessTV


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