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7 Memes That Summarize Being a Christian in College

If you’ve ever questioned how you would have made it through school had it not been for the almighty power of God keeping you anchored, you’ll probably relate to this round of Christian memes as a college student!


1. When you know you didn’t study right, but you’re praying for a divine deposit of knowledge.



2. And when you finally do get quiet time with God, the distractions are real.



3. Engagements are going around like the common cold.


Buzz and Woody Meme


4. The typical conversations revolving around your peers are really just not your taste.



5. When you’ve encountered a fellow Christian or found out there was a Bible study on campus…



6. Your nutrition has been questionable, but…God can fix that, right?



7. And the only thing that has kept you going to this point is literally the power of God.



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  1. Champ2343

    Posted by Champ2343 on January 21, 2016 at 14:21

    Haha! I can definitely relate to numbers 5, 6 and 7! Most definitely 6 because I go to the my college’s campus’ cafeteria every time I go to school. Now I pack my own lunches….and eat pizza sometimes. 🙂