7 Signs It Might Be Time to Move on from Your Church

    Churches are like relationships: You want to commit, but when is it time to call it a day? No one wants to go from boyfriend to boyfriend or from church to church, but sometimes, when a relationship reaches a natural end, it’s time to move on. Here are some signs that it might be time for you to find a new place of worship.


    1. Your church and your spiritual gift don’t quite match up. If your gift is teaching, but your church has no children’s program, your skills might be better utilized elsewhere.
    1. You only started going to your church because that cute guy you were crushing on went there. You never really cared for the preaching, but his hair was on point!
    1. You’ve tried to get involved, but still have very few real connections with the people there. While you shouldn’t constantly look for contentment outside of yourself, if you’ve made a concerted effort to connect and still feel like a fly on the wall, it might be time to look for a more natural fit elsewhere.
    1. There isn’t an active group your age. It’s awesome to be able to mingle with believers of all ages, but if you’re wanting to attend a Mercy Me concert and all your church has going on socially is the knitting club, it may be time to start a new group, attend a student group elsewhere or leave altogether.
    1. You’ve tried to correct difficult situations at the church lovingly, only to be shot down and watch non-Christian behavior continue. (Argh! It’s so frustrating to not be heard—especially if you’re a discerner!) If church leadership allows non-Christian behavior to go on, it’s the same as giving it a stamp of approval. Find a church that upholds the same Christian values that you do. (That doesn’t mean being judgmental about differences, but adhering to your personal view of sound doctrine!)
    1. God is speaking to you about moving on through prayer, scripture and that invisible pull that you need more. (Sometimes, all you get is that still, small voice from within!)
    1. Your faith is feeling stale and you desire more inspiration in your soul! Obviously, you don’t want to church-hop because you’re missing something from within, but if your faith is starting to wane, don’t ignore that feeling for too long. Another pastor and/or ministry might be able to rekindle the fire within you!


    While you don’t want to leave a church with a trail of burned bridges behind you, you also don’t want to stay in the wrong place for too long. Just be sure you’re not changing churches to avoid uncomfortable feelings that God might be using to refine you! God’s Voice speaks to His children. Are you listening?


    Keep watch over yourselves and all the flock of which the Holy Spirit has made you overseers of the church of God which he bought with his own blood. (Acts 20:28)

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    1. My church is awesome! It’s the church I’ve gone to my whole life and my great-grandparents, great-uncle, and grandpa are all charter members. I love my church, but the problem is my youth pastor. He plays favorites and makes it VERY obvious. I was sick for a while with mono and missed a few weeks of youth. I’ve also had a bunch of school stuff and sometimes I just honestly forgot it was Wednesday. In total, I missed two months of youth. I know part of that is my fault but I really don’t like going when I don’t feel comfortable. I’m a senior so technically I’m only a part of this youth group until September. Every year we go on a youth mission trip and we have to go to youth twice a month in order to go. Basically I’m just going to youth so I can on the mission trip. I know that’s bad but I have to go on that mission trip. I don’t want to leave churches. I love my church dearly. My pastor is amazing! Any advice? Th youth pastor has caused multiple other families and students to leave. God bless! Thanks!

    2. #2 is legit. 🙂 The only man you should be going to church for is The Man! And I agree that there comes a time to move from your church.

      I can’t say I completely agree with the others though. >_< They seem a bit unbiblical if taken a certain way.

      1: Your gift is from God, but you know what else is from God? The command to serve and be a part of a body of believers and do what needs to be done, which may not always be what you prefer/feel suited to do. But don't be scared. It's not like how you serve depends on your gift–it depends on your Father! Don't put faith in the gift but in the Giver!

      3: I mean…if the issue really is that that church is disinterested in fellowshipping with you and enjoying unity with another member of Christ's body…okay yeah time to hit the road. But if it's about "natural fit" and common interests…you fit naturally because of Christ. That's your common interest… If you leave that church because you don't fit in properly, you're gonna hate heaven cuz a whole lotta different people are gonna be there.

      4: There's a lot of wisdom to be found in older generations, and Paul tells Titus to encourage the old to teach the young (Titus 2). But yeah, fellowship your own age can (not necessarily "will") be easier.

      5: This is pretty legit as long as "your personal view of sound doctrine" is a *biblical* view of sound doctrine.

      6 & 7: "Need more"? "Rekindle the fire"? A new church won't fix that for long. The church in Laodicea had the problem of losing their fire and becoming lukewarm. Jesus didn't tell them to try a new pastor or move to a different church or take up a new program. He told them to remember how desperately they need Him. To remember how pathetic they are without Him. To remember their need of Him. That's how you rekindle your fire. The problem isn't your church; the problem is you. Oh, and He also said to repent. Because you've sinned in forgetting how precious He is and how much of your passion and love He deserves. (Rev. 3:14-21)

      So yeah, thanks for reading. I really enjoy these articles since they can be very encouraging and fun…but only as long as they conform to God's truth rather than personal ideas. This blog is very popular and has blessed a lot of people, but it can also lead people astray. There's a lot of influence here, so you gotta be careful, y'know?

      • I agree with you. This website is neat and all, but sometimes, it seems like some of the articles are written based on personal opinions rather than Biblical truths. I think we as Christians should stop trying to focus on being “modern” and “un-offending”, but instead, we should base everything on what God says, no matter what the rest of the world is doing.

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